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Longevity - Tips for Living a Long and Healthy Life


Long life and good health can be greatly assisted by our (most important) eating habits and physical activity like regular exercise.

Rules and habits that guarantee longevity:

Rule 1: Eating less, Living more?

Calorie restriction has become a serious debate issue as one of the best steps to check for aging.

Experiments have shown that mice with 40% longer lifespan than their healthy counterparts. Similar findings have been reported for fruit flies, worms, monkeys and other experimental laboratory animals.

The obvious fact of the matter is that tuff is quite difficult to induce calorie restriction as someone who has been through it will easily reveal it to you.

Research done on people who practice calorie intake shows that some markers of aging are. Blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. are all improved on a calorie restriction diet (CR).

Due to the difficulties faced by people trying to adopt a calorie intake, the current effort is to find drugs that can give everyone the benefit of calorie restriction without a diet.

Drugs that will be used to benefit from calorie restriction have not been released on prescription but more researchers are becoming interested in this. Research is underway to determine what happens at the molecular level when calorie restriction slows down aging. These efforts try to dispel facts about chemicals such as resveratrol, which are chemicals found in red wine and increase the life span of yeast and fruit flies.

Resveratrol that occurs in many forms of life is released by the body's system when under stress. It slows down its aging when it strengthens the molecular action called SRT1. This explains how calorie restriction works, the body undergoes some constant pressure, lighter when it is hungry, putting it against any worse stress that can lead to the aging of cells, which are the body cells that are triggered to protect themselves from decreasing next.

So if resveratrol was available in the form of a pill, one might have misled the body into believing that it was not getting enough calories and that the body's next reaction would be to protect itself from further decline and in this way aging would be slow but this is still a hypothesis that the investigators are dealing with nowadays.

Method 2: When you eat, eat well.

People prefer corn to eat the right foods and in this way they dig their own early grave in ignorance.

Today's average person will adapt to life including fast food joints in the morning, evening and evening. Some believe that more expensive cousins ​​add value to what they eat. Little did they know that a large bowl of rice with a salad dressing plus a large round of turkeys and others that made one person a meal as sold in fast food joints had many weaknesses that could cause a disease such as diabetes, cancer and various forms of illness heart. Take a look at some of these issues that will wake you up.

Consuming a lot of processed foods will not keep a satisfied person for a long time and this will make you rush back to more foods as quickly as possible thus consuming more than you need in one day.

Highly processed foods lack the vitamins needed to nourish life because many vitamins are soluble in water while some are heat-deprived so they must be able to destroy approximately 80% of the total vitamin content by the processing process. Keep in mind that some of these vitamins are called essential vitamins because our bodies cannot synthesize them.

The Turkish round is rich in heavy cholesterol in saturated fat which is the leading cause of arteriosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

Most preservatives used in processed foods are toxic to the human system. Some are pro-drugs that can be converted to harmful metabolites after entering the body while others use toxic effects in the form in which they enter the body.

Most processed foods are colored and more attractive to the eye with the addition of pollutants, these substances are not widely accepted by most food agencies and should not be found in food preparations.

To avoid the problems that are outlined and to test healthy old age and age, one will be commended for always eating vegetables and fruits.

Why fruits and vegetables?

Vegetables and fruits are not only good for you but better because of the composition of some of the phytochemicals that lead a long life.

What is phytochemistry?

Some of them are often considered supplements. Research along with evidence of life all point to the fact that these chemicals can help restore good health and quality of life and help maintain a long life. They work by releasing free radicals that are highly reactive species produced by the living process and which often cause damage to cells and tissues. Examples of phytochemicals and their functions are:

a) Flavonoid; they grow naturally in citrus fruits, onions, apples, and grapes. This class of phytochemicals is believed to protect against cancer and other degenerative diseases. So apple a day in the case of flavonoids helps prevent cancer. Add citrus fruits for example. Your oranges and grapes to achieve variety and make everything change so as to arouse your interest in your vegetables and fruits rather than a boring apple a day that will soon interest you.

(b) Carotenoids; they make your paws look red, your bananas look yellow, they color your carrots and are converted to Vit A in your body. Together with lycopene, lutheine and zeaxanthine (from green vegetables) protect against coronary artery disease, cataracts, muscle degeneration and cancer. There are more reasons to eat carotenoids.

c) Fiber; apples, oranges, grapes, and carrots are known to be rich in soluble and soluble fibers in water. It eliminates hunger by limiting digestion and therefore helps to achieve calorie restriction and consequently aging. Fiber-rich diets are expected to fight heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and high blood pressure, leading to prolonged life.

(d) Isoflavon; Some plant chemicals known to mimic the female's natural hormone called estrogen have been found to drastically decrease in women after menopause. The plant estrogen is a very rich source of phytochemical isoflavones. The use of isoflavones can offer many benefits such as lower blood lipid levels, relief from menopausal symptoms and a lower incidence of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer.

Your problem may be to choose the right vegetables and fruits and in the right quantities possible because a lot of the nutrition literature you have seen and read before can always provide conflicting details, then try the following tips.

A glass of juice every morning

This should be considered very necessary. Also we should not be aware of the fact that juice adds to the calories we eat every day and we must be concerned about our calorie intake including the juice we take.

In short, when it comes to vegetables and fruits, we must pay attention;

Not all fruits are equally beneficial: choose the right vegetables and fruits.

Eat the right portion to avoid excess calories.

One serving of fruits and vegetables should resemble

- an apple a day

- A piece of banana

-115g of blueberries

-115g red, green, orange and yellow pepper

-115g or a handful of green beans

-185ml of tomato juice.

And generally about 5-9 servings are recommended in a day. Here's a tip.

If you are a court of longevity, you must be able to make a total adjustment to what the food you eat looks and see that it really rewards you.


Also eat potatoes but not too much. Potatoes contain no fat but carbohydrates, a type that can be easily converted to sugar. You can include some potatoes in your daily meal and dress them up with other vegetables instead of alone.

Your carbohydrate intake should not exceed 60% of your total dietary requirements. You get most of your carbohydrates from cereals and cereals. Monomer units or carbohydrate blocks are what you get from fruits and vegetables. But the main carbohydrate is starch which is a form of carbohydrate storage in plants and you get it mainly from cereals and cereals.


Examples of cereals are rice, wheat, bran while cereals are corn and wheat.

The ideal thing in the subject of cereals and the use of cereals is to eat more grains than processed for the following reasons

a) Processed cereals and cereals contain less fiber and are easier to digest and starve faster and therefore have a higher tendency for you to eat more with processed foods.

b) Soluble fiber is more cereal and unprocessed cereals and it slows digestion thus helping to overcome hunger.

So you can add about 115g of cereals and cereals or equivalent to processed cereals for example. 115g of pasta to take into account your recommended carbohydrate requirements.

To calculate the amount of carbohydrate that is good for you, this simple arithmetic gives you the answer;

18calorie * your weight (kg)

In short, if you weigh 70kg, you need to

18calorie * 70 (kg) = 1260 calories per day.

It is advised that the calories you want from a carbohydrate source (can be fruits, vegetables, cereals, o0r grains) should not exceed 18 calories weight per kg.

Check this table for your recommended daily calorie requirements

18cal carbohydrates / kg 58% - 60%

3cal / kg protein 10% - 12%

Fat 9kcal / kg 30kg

Notes; The sequel continues in the next edition, so keep it with us to find out how to get a balanced protein and fat requirement that lasts longer.

2) You can start practicing your diet and not take it for a lifetime. Just a few days and you should be aware of the different weight of foods that will keep you healthy.


80% - 90% of diabetes is associated with diet and lifestyle.

Avoiding very delicate foods helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

Fruits, vegetables, diary products with a limited amount of beans can prevent high blood pressure.

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