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How to Lose Inches Off Your Waist

No matter what you read or hear here, it's impossible to lose inches from certain parts of the body. While you may have fat thighs or elbows, you will not find a workout or diet program that will take a few inches in that area. That's not a way to lose an inch from the waist, thighs or arms.

When you lose weight you lose your whole body and not just in certain areas. The same goes for the waist, stomach or abdomen.

However, there is is what you can do:

  • Add resistance exercises to your exercise routine and you will tone and strengthen the muscles in your hips. This is known as core muscle and toning core muscle will help you look smaller in short order.

  • Do abdominal exercises and by doing so, you will strengthen and tighten your abs and improve your posture. Again this is your core muscle. This alone will help you stretch your stomach and appear to have lost weight by simply increasing your posture.

  • You can do exercises to strengthen and strengthen the tricep muscles in your hands. And again this will help your hands look better even before you start losing weight.

As you begin to lose weight, areas where resistance training is targeted will begin to define more quickly as a result of your training. But remember, you can have the largest abdominal muscles in the world and that won't be a problem, because no one will see them if they are covered by a layer of fat.

You won't be able to get six packs of abs by using the latest and greatest ab machine every day if your muscles are covered by a layer of fat. Sure you will have a strong core and you will get more support for your body but you need to lose weight and be healthy to lose inches from your waist.

But resistance training will help you burn fat like a great diet plan - and you will find most ab solutions advertised with amazing results as well as recommended diets. It is by applying changes to your eating habits that you will notice changes in your body shape, rather than fancy exercise equipment.


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