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Healthy Eating Versus Eating to Survive

Since nutrition is so important to our body's health, why are so many of us turning it into a problem? Usually, the answer lies in the fact that we have damaged many of our brain's natural capabilities. We have learned that eating not only serves as a necessary nutrient to our cells and organs, but it has been linked to defense mechanisms against our stress. So how do we go from eating to stress again especially to eating for health?

The main problem is that there is a very close connection between the parts of our brain that control our self-care about our need for nutrition and our self-care about our need to protect our bodies from external threats. In addition, this relationship between our eating habits and our other needs makes a lot of sense. For example, if we think that our survival will be threatened by harsh winters, lengths or drought conditions, it makes sense to gain a few pounds. However, the same logic hurts us when the threat defined is the Internal Revenue Service, your employer, or the irrational fears. In that case, we continue our instinct by strengthening our misleading behavior to believe that drinking extra calories gives us an extra layer of defense. The problem is that fat and armor are not the same. In fact, more fat can make you unhealthy and may even shorten your life.

The next task is to re-program your thoughts on stress and eating. It just needs to be an alternative way to respond to stress in your life. And, you need to reinforce how your mind is associated with your long-term health. To do this, the deep relaxation provided by the hypnosis session will be a huge asset. When you get used to these substances and make it a daily habit, it's amazing how quickly your weight changes - and how you are likely to find other areas of your life.

Hypnosis is also a great way to change the way your brain maintains your body image. As the entire map of your brain is kept in your head - to include every cell and organ - as you begin to change your mind, your body receives a different set of instructions. It's so strong that some research institutes have shown that changing the way you think - during a hypnosis session - actually improves how injuries and broken bones heal faster. If that's true, then imagine what impact you could have shed that extra pound.


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