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FDA Approved Sport-Elec Abs Belt Review

Do you have unhealthy fat around your middle that you can't lose no matter how much you do? Don't you have time to make it to the gym on a regular basis? Do you have specific areas where you would like to target fat loss? If this describes you then the Shapentone Abs Abs System may offer a solution to your stomach fat problem. This is the easiest and fastest way to turn your flap into a 6 pack abs. This device is FDA-approved and will shape, shape, and tone your abs without headaches to go to crowded gyms or perform tons of crunches and sit-ups. All you have to do is place a belt around your stomach while you do your work, watch tv, clean house, or relax. How can you ask? The system works by stimulating the nerves that work the muscles of the body and it tricks them into thinking that you are working hard. These belts use the same state of the art technology and EMS (muscle electric stimulation) that physical therapists have used for decades to stimulate and strengthen their patients' muscle groups. After you use the device during the resulting muscle contraction training your muscles become firmer, tighter, and stronger with little effort on your part.

This product has a large amount of scientific research invested in it and has been tested by doctors, scientists, and the Federal Drug Administration. Clinical studies show that this belt is effective in men and women of all fitness levels from novice to expert trainers. The product control module allows users to choose between 4 programs with 30 intensity levels for a total of 120 training options; this allows you to adjust the electro muscle stimulation to a comfortable level for your fitness level. These belts give you a tighter and tighter grip in no time; you can feel it working the first time you use it. Remarkably, participants in the clinical study began to show a dramatic improvement within two weeks using the Sport Belt Abs Belt. Please check the statistics from the clinical route, Shapentone's belt outperforms all competitors, including Belt Flex.


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