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Exercises For Midsection - Achieve a Shapely, Healthy Midsection in 12 Weeks Or Less

The appearance of a prominent six-pack muscle may not indicate a healthy middle. You may be weak, even if you have a perfect six pack. Try if you can do this exercise for the middle without shaking or shaking your body. If you can't, your middle is weaker than you expect.

One of my friends is a Pilates teacher. One of his students is a body builder. He has great abs, including six packs and oblique muscles. However, bodybuilders cannot hold the board for 10 seconds. Sounds amazing. Therefore, it's time to practice mid-workout, even if you're proud of your body.

Try these simple board exercises to test the strength and agility of your middle muscles. Lie flat on your face. Raise your body from the body, balance your weight on your feet and elbows. Keep your body in a straight line. If you do not shiver after 30 seconds of maintaining this position, you have a healthy middle. If you get chills, you have a lot of work to do. Once you are comfortable with the base board, continue with the variation - the side board. Lean next to you. Lift your body while balancing your weight on your feet and elbows. Keep your body straight.

Baseball is a great exercise to strengthen your abs, oblique muscles and chest. When considering a pose, try pulling your belly button closer to your spine. It will work with the middle muscles.

Another mid-range exercise is crunches. Just like a board, this one also looks really easy. However, both exercises are difficult to perform. In the basic problem, you lie behind your back. Bend your knees and place your feet firmly on the floor. Keep your hands flat on either side of your body or next to your ear on the floor. Slowly lift your shoulders, towards your knees.

That's the basic problem. There are several variations. The most effective is a bike drop. You consider the position of collapse. Then you get a bike sword action - move your knees and elbows. Move the right elbow toward the left knee. It will work abs and oblique.

However, another variation is the reverse. From a basic level of complexity, you lift your back instead of your shoulders. You move your knees closer to your chest. There are several other variations. However, they are best for experienced people.

Practice this exercise for the middle. You need to practice hard - at least for 20-30 minutes a day. You can start seeing results in 12 weeks, if you don't have too much fat under your skin.


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