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Exercises and Workouts - Strength Training Can Help Slow Down Aging

In these days when more and more people are focusing on their appearance and health, we are all looking for ways to reduce the signs of aging. While we can't stop hands completely, there is much we can do to help reduce our age. Strength training is often referred to as resistance training, is one of them.

Let's see how this special exercise will help you look younger and feel ...

1. Increase the Release of Growth Hormones. Strength training the first way to help you fight aging is to increase the release of the natural growth hormone that occurs in your body. Growth hormones not only help you build more muscle mass, but can also ...

  • helps you burn fat and reduce the signs of aging.

  • helps to make you feel and look younger, and

  • can help prevent age-related problems like osteoporosis from creeping.

Intense strength training will enhance your natural release, thus providing a very positive impact.

2. Increase Bone Density. Speaking of bone density, this is another benefit that this specialized training offers. Regular strength training is the most difficult exercise you can do. Useful exercises have been shown to help build the entire bone matrix, helping with denser bones that are more resistant to stress fractures and osteoarthritis.

Most adults begin to lose bone density over the years unless they take action to maintain it.

3. Build a Lean Muscle Mass. Finally, strength training the last way you can help reduce the signs of aging is by helping you to build more lean muscle mass. Again, you will usually see age-related muscle tissue loss with age unless you take steps to push your muscle mass in the right direction - through strength training. It's a "use it or lose it" concept. Without the stimulation placed on the body, the body sees no reason to maintain tissue.

The sad thing is that many adults welcome weight loss which usually accompanies the loss of lean muscle mass, but weight loss is not a good fit for maintaining your body composition.

There you have some of the most compelling reasons why you should take steps to implement strength training programs in your life. All you need is 30 minutes of exercise 2 or 3 days a week to increase your strength and muscle tone.


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