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Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss: A Natural Supplement That Can Help Your Hair

Premise. There are three main reasons why your hair falls out (I will use the generic term 'alopecia' for the purpose of this article): nutrition, environmental and 'genetic'. Nutritionally, you may lose nutrients essential for your hair growth or regeneration and you may need a variety of supplements to ensure your hair follicles are getting what they need to stay healthy. In the environment, you can be exposed not only to harsh chemicals, medications with adverse side effects but also to stressful situations that release harmful hormones and inhibit the flow of healthy nutrients to your follicles. Finally, you can genetically suffer from what is commonly called 'androgenic alopecia'. or male pattern alopecia, where the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone on your scalp weakens your hair follicles until they grow thinner or stop growing completely.

The solution. Of course, common solutions like Minoxidil, Finasteride, Propecia and other types of DHT targeting drugs. There are also several options if you find a really good dermatologist who is ready to prescribe a specially designed topical solution, which your pharmacist will provide for you. But these solutions are expensive and, because you have to go for them forever, they can be a huge burden on your budget. By all means try them. However, this article is about natural solutions that you can try to fight alopecia effectively and, in particular, on the use of EPO in this regard.

This oil, found in most pharmacies and health outlets as a coated pill supplement, comes from flowers that, when mature, contain about 8% gamma-linolenic-acid (GLA fatty acids, often abbreviated as GLA) and about 70% acid. While it is important that these essential fatty acids are taken in a 2: 1 ratio with Omega 3 fatty acids, there are several health benefits that are brought to your body, including major benefits to your hair. These include the direct nourishment of the scalp and the overall soothing effect on the skin, allowing 'fertile soil'. for your hair follicles. It promotes blood flow which is usually very helpful for hair follicles.

Although, if you follow a balanced diet, you should have enough essential fatty acids in your body, it has been reported that its deficiency carries symptoms similar to hypothyroidism. You may know that hypothyroidism causes a series of mild and severe symptoms such as alopecia, obesity, fatigue, inability to focus, skin complaints. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that ensuring you have plenty of essential fatty acids in your system will prevent or reverse these symptoms, including alopecia.

Another important property of EPO and essential fatty acids is the ability to dilute the sebum from your skin and scalp. Sebum is a 'thick oily substance'. excess is present in suffering individuals acne but also those suffering from alopecia (sometimes presenting with a condition called seborrreic dermatitis, which also causes alopecia). By diluting the sebum in your skin, EPO reduces the blockage of pores, pores and, at the scalp level, follicular weakness.

You will definitely find that adding high quality vitamins and minerals to your diet, especially if supplements are included main hair nutrients, is always useful no matter your specific cause of alopecia. But adding an EPO will be beneficial.

Of particular importance is the recent report that EPO can also block the conversion of testosterone that damages to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that, when excessively present in your scalp, dramatically weakens your hair follicles until it eventually leads to its destruction. This event occurs in very common androgenic alopecia, where your hair falls mainly from the top of your head and, sometimes, even from the side of your head.

Finally, essential fatty acids aid in the creation of healthy hair strands; Therefore, if you have fragile, dry hair that is easy to tie, EPO will help you as well.


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