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Does Jelqing REALLY Work? 2 Beginner Tips for Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Does jelqing really work? If so ... HOW? Are all male enhancement exercises the same? Does one work better than another, and if so, why? Are penis enlargement techniques that work for one man, and not others? What about nutrition, medicines and natural remedies? Are they additional strategies, or do they work on their own? Are any of these questions familiar?

If you are like the millions of people who seek out the best sex performance advice on a daily basis, learning to separate what actually works out of what makes them happy is a challenge. Why not? As there is a lot of "self-interest" in the male and female health care industry, finding products and programs that REALLY work for the right reasons is easier said than done.

Does that mean you have to give up looking? Not at all! A healthy sex life is very important to a healthy and happy life, and if you are not satisfied with your sexual performance, as in life, aiming to optimize yourself is a good investment.

That said, let's look at 3 simple tips to get the most out of your male enhancement training, at least for the time being. Want to know more? Keep reading as we take a closer look below!

Filed Under: Combining Visualization with PE Training

Is it crazy that visualization exercises can help increase the size of the erection? It happened to me. But actually, you CAN actually use "mindfulness" to increase the size and strength of the erection, especially if you use it in conjunction with your jelqing routine.

For example? Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects our mood. (and our sex performance, when we are too much)

Describing yourself as a "superhero" in a sack can boost your confidence, lower cortisol levels and increase a group of happy hormones, including TESTOSTERONE, which is most definitely associated with optimal sexual performance. When did you do this in conjunction with PE training? I have found that REAL decisions increase exponents, coupled with good feelings, and are something you would hope to do as well.

Filed Under: Change Your Diet Before You Start The Male Growth Protocol

These simple changes can not only make you healthier overall, but can also add "inches" to your erection size. How is that? The size and strength of erection are the major functions of blood flow. Jelqing, PC and Kegel height training in particular, are all very helpful in opening up blood vessels, and improving vascular fitness. The more blood that can travel to your anatomy during sex, the longer, stronger and more benefits you will get.

High fat saturated foods, processed flour, refined sugars and other "empty" nutrients, (including alcohol) impede blood flow and reduce oxygen in the bloodstream. This will affect the size of your erection.

On the other side of the equation? Foods high in antioxidants, phytonutrients and other positive compounds do the opposite. Salmon, sardine, oily fish, green vegetables, blue and black berries and light-colored peppers are some of the BEST foods to increase your size, just because they help increase the oxygen supply in your blood.

When you combine a better diet, with the right jelqing practices? Your profits will increase dramatically, and it will take some time to achieve as well.

Bottom line?

If you want to include male enhancement exercises in your gearbox for optimal sexual performance, jelqing is the perfect place to start. If you add the simple "hacks" above, you'll get better results, in less time, and without the need for any doubtful drugs, dangers, gimmicks or gadgets, I promise!


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