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Cure Hemorrhoids - Can Your Personality Make a Difference?

Can pressure contribute to hemorrhoids? Are certain personality types more likely to develop hemorrhoid symptoms? You bet. Your personality, digestive system and immune system are closely linked - more than you think.

Certain personalities are more likely to experience imbalances in their digestive system which in turn affect the immune system and function of different organs.

In some cases, understanding the personality of hemorrhoids can help in helping the person cure hemorrhoids. Most people are familiar with the effects of stress on their digestive system. It can consist of butterflies in the stomach, constipation, or diarrhea. When under pressure, some people's stomachs are so tight that they are not hungry and cannot eat. Others feel extreme hunger and cannot prevent themselves from eating. However obvious it is, it is difficult to deny the connection between emotions and the digestive system.

In addition, so-called Type A personalities - those exposed to competitive, aggressive and ambitious competition - are also more likely to develop indigestion, including hemorrhoids. Aside from the effects of nervous tension on the body organs, this type of personality is often in a hurry to eat, darkens their diet, is eager to continue with something else.

As a result, their stomachs are unable to digest nutrients properly, and they have to work harder to move food through the system. This puts a lot of unnecessary stress on all organs. Tense abdominal muscles put the contents of the colon under pressure, potentially causing constipation, stomach and colon pain, and hemorrhoids.

Healthy, competitive habits also make it easier to eat high-fat low-fat fast foods - again, less time consuming means more time for everything else they want to do. All of this is bad news for hemorrhoids - unless you know how to make some simple adjustments to your diet and eating habits that will help offset this effect.

Over the past 25 years dealing with hemorrhoids, I have found a strong link between eating habits and hemorrhoids. The good news is that this habit can be reversed easily, and hemorrhoids can be cured. To cure hemorrhoids if the above applies to you, it is important to set aside time to sit down and eat slowly and on time. Just chewing on your food before you swallow can remove so much pressure from your digestive system.

I know from experiences that show hyperactive hemorrhoids they need to learn to relax, it's easier said than done. But there are a number of clinically proven natural treatments that can help improve the function of enzymes in the digestive system. This helps reduce pressure on the colon, thereby reducing the incidence of hemorrhoids. Of course, relaxation and stress reduction will help cure hemorrhoids, but a holistic approach will bring relief and results.


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