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Beat Acne - Learn About Your Acne First!

Isn't acne really annoying and embarrassing? And sometimes you can't stop acne from causing your skin. Therefore, you need to know the root cause so you can handle it properly.

Common Causes and Common Acne

Well, acne usually occurs when there is excess oil or sebum in your skin. When you have too much oil gland, there is a greater chance of acne. This usually occurs when hormone changes occur in your body. And dead skin cells and bacteria combine with excess oil, your skin's pores clog and acne develops.

So what causes hormone changes? For one, when a person undergoes natural hormone levels changes naturally. That's why most teens get acne at this age. However, there are more reasons for hormone changes. For example, stress has been a major cause of hormone changes. In fact, stress has been associated with acne. Stress is said to be a common cause for acne and other types of acne.

Of course, acne can also be genetic. Some people are more likely to have acne than others. That's because this tendency is inherited from previous generations of families. If your parents experience severe acne when they are young or even in adulthood, you will have the same tendency to experience acne in the same way.

Pills and other medications can also change your hormone levels. Therefore, it can also cause acne on your skin even if you do not experience it. This can happen if you take birth control pills, for example.

What Kind of Acne Do You Have?

Acne comes in two general types. Blackheads, postures and whiteheads belong to mild types of acne. Although they can be painful to your eyesight, they are at least easier to remove and treat. They are also less painful.

Pyoderma faciale, acne rosacea and acne fulminans belong to other types of acne. They are cyst and are worse than simple whiteheads or comedians. They are also bigger and harder to treat.

Opportunities to get your skin clear

Eating the right diet will make you healthier and stronger to fight any kind of infection. You should, of course, avoid stress if you want to avoid acne. Note that even if you've conquered acne before they can return at any time. That's why being aware of your health and avoiding acne triggers needs to be ongoing if you want to have great looking skin.


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