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Acne And Hormones

This article will tell you about the relationship between Acne and Hormones and play the role of hormones.

How Acne Hormones Are Formed

Hormone changes have a huge impact on the development of acne. High levels of hormones, especially androgens and testosterone, over stimulate the oil glands and cause too much oil in your skin. Excess oil then causes the pores to clog up and that is how acne starts to develop. When sebum (oil) overflows and reaches the outer surface of your skin, it can form a bacterial relationship. The virus begins to multiply in the blocked follicle and causes the follicle to swell. In defense, the body sends several white blood cells to the swollen follicles to break down the swelling. This process causes inflammation that results in acne.

The balance of estrogen (female hormone) and androgen (male hormone) must be maintained for healthy skin. As a person's skin ages, your oil glands tend to mature faster and this can also lead to excess oil production in your skin.

Influence of Hormones on Men and Women

Androgen production increases during puberty and also during the menstrual cycle, causing hormone imbalance. This is why teenagers and women often suffer from hormone acne. Hormones can also cause acne for men because androgen is a male hormone and the male body can release too much, causing hormone imbalance.

Women, Pregnancy and Menopause

The effects of hormones on acne include birth control pills, pregnancy or menopause. Women often experience acne release a week before they start menstruation. This is because estrogen production decreases during the menstrual cycle. Pregnant oil glands sometimes overkill and cause excess oil. After menopause, decreases in estrogen and testosterone (male hormone) levels become the dominant hormones, boosting oil production as well.

Androgen may be the main cause of hormone acne. That's why some birth control pills containing women's hormones, estrogen and progesterone, can help reduce acne for some women or teenage girls.

How to Know if Your Acne Is Caused by Hormones

Hormone acne usually forms acne scars on the bottom of your face, around your jaw and chin, but can also appear on the back or chest.

You can identify the hormones as the main cause of your acne if you are irregular and seek refuge before your menstrual cycle. Be careful to look for excess hair or in unusual places such as beards or mustache areas because of male hormones. Your face can also be more oily than usual as a sign of hormone imbalance.

How to Treat Hormone Acne

Luckily for you, there are many products available these days that can help you deal with the hormones that cause acne. You can also try some natural remedies to help you overcome hormone acne. Drink plenty of water, relax and get enough sleep. Exercise and follow a healthy diet. Limit your fat, caffeine and sugar intake and be careful with too much sunlight.

Hormone acne should be treated internally and externally for effective and lasting results. Follow the basic principles of healthy living and may combine it with acne treatment if necessary. You will treat your acne internally and externally and this will show some great results.

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