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Is the Buteyko Oxygenation Therapy a Better Cancer Cure Than Foods and Diets?

Because this question was asked in different forums, I decided to write this article. To my knowledge, no previous or current medical practitioner who has used Buteyko therapy (more than 200 people) claims that this therapy can cure cancer. However, there are certain clinical observations and known scientific facts that I will briefly review here.

All of the available physiological evidence begins with the discovery of Dr. Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize, which in his speech "The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer" (1966) says, "In each case, as cancer progressed, oxygen inhalation continued to fall, fermentation appeared, and highly differentiated cells turn into plant anaerobes, which have lost all of their body functions and maintain only useless growth and replication "until all modern research has shown that low body oxygenation is still the leading cause of cancer.

The central test of Buteyko's oxygen therapy and the patient's or the student's primary device is the non-stress breathing time, which accurately reflects the body's oxygenation. (Exhale normally, chop your nose, shut your mouth, and measure your breathing time but only until the first pressure or discomfort. At some point, the discomfort begins to develop and, if one releases the nose at this time, the test is correct and the breathing pattern is unchanged: it's the same after the test as before.)

A typical Buteyko doctor has hundreds, sometimes thousands of patients who are studying oxidative therapy to varying degrees (starting in less than 20 s for early morning retention and rising to 30, 35, 40, 60, 90 etc). There is no systematic cancer study because the Buteyko method focuses mostly on about 15-20 other common diseases (such as asthma, heart disease, bronchitis, epilepsy, sinusitis, insomnia, etc.) However, it is known that the presence of any chronic condition is cancer risk factors. As a result, hundreds of Russian Buteyko patients with cancer are experiencing the same development (see below), while no Russian Buteyko doctor can claim to cure cancer based on some or even some cases in their own practice. When these cases are brought together and their conclusions are the same, then we can talk about the following clinical findings.

These doctors consistently found that when the body's oxidation index increased to 35-40 s, the tumor began to disappear.

It is no surprise that Doctor Buteyko, based on his ongoing observations on cancer and other diseases, says that 60 s of oxygen in the body should be the ideal health standard, since about 150 chronic diseases, including cancer, do not fit this physiological state. . (You cannot have 60 s of oxygen in the body 24/7 and tumor at the same time.)

When the oxygenation is below 20 s, even for 30 minutes, the inflamed tissue and tumor may grow.

When the breath lasts for less than 10 s, the immune system provides some resistance even in the blood. Sepsis and metastasis are possible.

These observations are relatively straightforward and they are in complete agreement with dozens of western professional oncology studies (linkages of tissue-cancer hypoxia). Also, oxygen-based observations are more accurate because they provide a simpler measure of cancer progression (worse and better).

We note that all available evidence, clinical observations and scientific research indicate cancer progression based on tissue hypoxia, not in the presence or absence of herbs, functional foods, vitamins, or other ingredients in the diet. (Only when we are completely deprived of essential nutrients, the right supplements improve our health and increase our oxygenation. These effects can be easily measured.)

The modern approach to cancer among many people in alternative health areas is very similar to the approach of most physicians in relation to disease and medicine. Instead of medicines or pills, it is recommended to use a variety of supplements, herbs, colloidal silver, enzymes, and so on to fight cancer. For this mental approach, people with cancer become innocent victims of violent diseases and supplements (herbs, enzymes, vitamins, substances, etc.) playing the role of rescuers. It is the same situation with medical drugs: innocent patients, treacherous diseases, and doctors on white horses who deliver magic medicine pills.

Moreover, reducing brain oxygenation, due to heavy breathing, makes cancer sufferers vulnerable to the "sweet supplement" myth as they participate in games that never end in search of healing. When an old savior (medicine or medical supplement) is lost or unpopular, a new savior is immediately found or expected. Why is this fantasy so popular? Because these myths create an illusion of innocence and "reassert" the physiologically abnormal lifestyle of the sick.

This has nothing to do with the physiology of the human body, cancer pathology, and health, as the person can eat herbs and vitamins, drink silver colloidal canopies, and do thousands of other things, but if oxygenation is under 20 s (for example, due to mouth breathing, or sleeping behind someone, or due to lack of physical activity, or due to inflammation and cortisol deficiency, etc.), no increase in cancer will occur. Thus, 24/7 breathing prevention, sleep deprivation, 24/7 proper posture, physical activity with shortness of breath, eating only when really hungry, and many other lifestyle factors and hidden physiological barriers (cavities) , intestinal parasites, fungal infections, etc.) are more important because the real factors address the cancer's basis: low-oxidation.

"The oxygen content in the organism can be achieved using a simple method: after breathing, note, how long can the person stop for a moment without pressure" Soviet Physiologist, PhD (Physiology), MD Konstantin Buteyko.

"I emphasize, therefore, the long-established fact, or law: the less respiration, the more oxygen is delivered to the organism, and instead, the more breath, the less oxygen is delivered to the organism." Buteyko talked about breathing patterns.


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