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Goji Juice - Can it Really Cure Cancer? The Truth Behind This Cancer Claim

The miracle of Goji fruit juice is amazing. As a result, its popularity is growing so that searching through the internet will generate a lot of information about the juice. However, with so much information, many of them are mere promises or just hyped articles for affiliate profits. So, what information should you trust?

First of all, I do not promote Goji fruit juice and I do not include anything in my source box below promoting the product. The information contained in this article is based on my personal research on this subject.

The first aspect of the hype was that Goji juice has been claimed to help cancer patients with their health problems. Therefore, it has been claimed to cure cancer. Is this true?

The situation is that there are many promoters of their Goji juice products claiming that Goji is a Himalayan secret to cure cancer. This is why, according to them, many people try to climb the Himalayas only to find rare medicines from the highest part of the world.

But it's actually baseless that Goji juice can actually cure cancer. It also does not have FDA approval to promote the therapeutic claim. Only drugs approved by the FDA can continue to be promoted as a cure for illnesses and diseases as a result of their therapeutic claims.

As of this writing date, there is no scientific evidence to confirm that Goji juice can cure cancer. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that it can be.

The only good thing about Goji juice is that it is a powerful source of antioxidants that can prevent cancer and premature aging. From an antidote, Goji juice can serve as a great way to prevent all types of cancer.


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