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Cancer Is the Symptom of Something Much Deeper - An Alternative Cancer Cure

Cancer is a disease that affects one in five people. The mysteries of the disease seem to dodge even the most famous oncologists. However, there are alternative cancer remedies. Cancer can be cured by changing your lifestyle in the way you begin your "Anti-Cancer" lifestyle. I have developed an "Anti-Cancer Diet" consisting of cancer fighting foods that can be found on grocery store shelves. Our bodies have miraculous healing abilities. Miraculous cancer healing occurs "when you have the mind, body and spirit working on 'coordinating' each other." Changing your diet is not the only change you need to make. "Mind is matter" and you have "considered yourself sick." Since you have "thought yourself sick" the development of logical thinking indicates that you can "think yourself well." This is not an easy concept to grasp at first, but when you take the time to consider alternative cancer therapeutics and alternative cancer therapies, new realizations emerge. Many times the simplest solution is the best solution.

Before I got cancer, I was an international fashion designer with television shows on the Home Shopping Network and Shopping Channel in Canada. I have some business and life seems to thrive.

I'm engaged to marry my business partner. While on a business trip to China, I tried to call home for my fiancée. Call it women's intuition, but I have a very bad feeling. My feelings were justified. I received a phone call while I was in China from the Sheriff at my home telling me that my fiancé had died of a heart attack.

The news shook me to the core of my existence after I stopped screaming for hours.

I flew home to collect my body just to find out my fiancé had another life that was not mine. He is gay; is actually bisexual. He died before he could hide the evidence of his other life. It was September 2005. I had multiple surprises, the shock of her death, and the shock of the fact that she had a life that wasn't even mine.

I became emotionally full of anger, anger and sadness. I hide the truth from my family and friends because I want to bury it with honor. My prayer for a happy marriage with family and friends was answered, but not as I had hoped.

I was betrayed by what was the happiest moment of my life; my wedding.

Within two years of my partner's death, in May 2007 I was diagnosed with throat cancer. The doctor is confused because I am not the usual profile of someone who has the disease.

I went to University for the treatment of Chemo cancer and Virginia Radiation. I almost died from this type of treatment for cancer. I lost 60 pounds, but the cancer is still in its prime.

With my immune system down, I have ammo in my eyes that eat cornea and blood vessels and I have a heart attack. I recovered from both illnesses.

Within two years, the same cancer was returned.

This time the doctors want to have surgery. They feel that Chemotherapy and Radiation do not work. This time they will perform "salvage surgery" which involves removing part of my jaw, part of my throat, part of the tongue, replacing the artery of my neck with the artery of my right hand, taking a patch of skin from my left shoulder to make flaps in my throat, insert trachea, and stomach tube for the rest of my life.

I refuse "salvage surgery".

I switched to alternative cancer therapy to find a new cancer drug. I read where the body has the power to heal itself. This is where I started.

I went to the Naturopathic Doctor and started a herbal and vitamin regimen supplemented with fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, and fish.

I started reading everything I could find about cancer healing, healing, alternative cancer cure, self-healing, natural cancer cure, alternative medicine, holistic cancer cure, meditation, visualization techniques and Reiki therapy. Believe me, this is a lot of work. Instead, what is my alternative?

I had no choice but to take the less traveled roads. I've come to my intuitive healer who calls my "Intersection" a cure. I've ended up with what I will receive from standard medical procedures. I have three top Tank cancer specialists in the country basically telling me the same diagnosis. "Rescue Surgery" is not my choice to justify myself. Also, myself told me to "go deeper."

Intuitive healing helped me to discover that the shock of my fiancé's death and related childhood trauma had caused my illness. He helped me release the fact that I was betrayed. She showed me how our emotions affect our body, mind and soul and I need to love myself and forget the past. I realize that Cancer is just a symptom of something deeper.

With extensive experience in healing healers for over twenty years of cancer treatment and his Reiki Exercise, his intuition and wisdom surround you when you are with him. He explains that "Life is like and Onions" peeling off one layer at a time. I don't have cancer anymore.

I have a miracle cancer for sure. There were many angels sent to heal me when conventional medicine was given to me. I wish I could be the Angel sent to you. Don't forget the Power of God.

Copyright 2010 Carol E. Patterson. All rights reserved.


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