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A Cancer Cure Diet

Dietary nutrition for cancer certainly exists. At least it is for many people with the disease.

It is often referred to as the "raw food diet," or "live food diet." And it works wonders among the masses who demand increasing evidence that a diet consisting of all (or most raw foods) can help the body heal itself.

The medical community as a whole still rejects this idea. I believe that this rejection is necessary for reasons such as professional pride, business / profit relationships with industries such as the pharmaceutical market, and the "cultural consensus" embedded within the medical community itself.

For example, most doctors prescribe medication when treating chronic diseases. Such treatment is well established as a protocol in the medical community, not because it is effective, but because of how medical practices have evolved.

For most physicians, prescribing medications to fight illnesses, including cancer and chronic illness, is as natural as the air they breathe. This is a very difficult mind to question or challenge, especially for sick people struggling with illness, not attending medical school, and not knowing much about alternative health approaches.

However, more and more people are discovering, a dietary approach to overcoming illness. Does this mean that patients should always avoid medical doctors? Of course not. Does the "always" nutrition route work? Of course not. But nutrition is often a much better path to health than simply filling a person's body with toxic drugs to just mask any symptoms of disease ... or kill healthy cells, in line with unwanted cancer cells. .

So, what is a cancer nutrition diet like?

Cancer is a disease that is strongly associated with pH levels in the body. The less "alkaline" the pH level is, the higher the cancer cell mutation will develop. But as more bodies reach alkaline pH levels, cancer cells are less likely to survive.

Certain dietary concepts can affect the alkalinity in the body that many doctors dismiss. Some even write an article about this concept on the website "Quackwatch": "You can't believe that food is acidic or alkaline, because it doesn't change the acidity of anything in your body except your urine. foods that can alter the acidity ... Modifying a diet cannot alter the acidity of any part of your body except your urine. "- 1

But a research scientist postponed his website with the following response, "I suggest (doctor's name) refer to the following books: 1) Understanding Acid-Base, by Benjamin Abelow, MD, lecturer in Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, and 2) Acid-Base Clinical Physiology and ..., by Burton David Rose, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Theodore W. Post, MD, Deputy Editor, Nephrology (doctor) has no understanding of endogenous acid production, including gastrointestinal acid production, respiratory acid production, cellular degeneration acid production and eventually metabolic acidosis. In fact, "you can't believe that food is acidic or alkaline, because no food changes the acidity of anything in your body except your urine," is a statement of pure ignorance on the subject! " - 2

In my own readings, I have found many natural ingredients in plant foods (along with their nutritional benefits to the human body) have never been discovered. This fact, coupled with the fact that human physiology is complex, means that there are many things that doctors do and clinical research on the benefits of eating most raw, plant-based diets. Therefore, while the vast amount of skeptical clinical data that is still claiming is still lacking, they must at least admit that time and experience can still change their opinions.

The benefits of a plant-based diet in relation to body healing are reflected in the experiences of tens (or even hundreds) of thousands worldwide. After switching to most plant-based diets, their disease just disappeared. For most of these individuals, this does not happen right away. But it happened.

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and freshly made vegetable juices and green smoothies can bring about pH changes in tissues and bones. This will be one of the reasons why people who turn to such foods often see cancer disappear.

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