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What are the ways to lose weight after birth?

 What are the ways to lose weight after birth?

A reader asks: I am overweight after childbirth and lactation, and I feel like eating large amounts of food, is it possible to regain my previous weight?

Dr. Ibrahim Saadallah, consultant of obesity and nutrition, answers this question, saying: After the birth women have many changes, the breasts become less cohesive, so depriving the body of food once may harm women more than benefits women, so women must follow a system of abolishing Snacks between meals with the need to chew food and drink large amounts of water, while reducing the consumption of fast-burning sugars and fats with the need to eat too much vegetables to get vitamins, mineral salts and fiber with too much eating mashed vegetables can Continue to follow this diet to lose weight quickly.

Breakfast must be from one of the fruits fresh or sweetened with sugar with 2 eggs with a little butter and coffee, but lunch is a vegetable dish made up of proteins with bread or rice or potatoes, and between lunch and dinner can be eaten a piece of white cheese and fruit fruit, but dinner must be from a vegetable dish and fruit Fruit and a piece of potatoes.

This system should continue for one month to lose weight while continuing to exercise.

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