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Is there a diet system to eliminate the metabolites?

 Is there a diet system to eliminate the metabolites?

I suffer from my infected confusion after eating every meal, which makes me have some time to diarrhea, is there a diet that helps me organize food and avoid stomach aches?

This question is answered by Dr. Hani Kamal, obesity and nutritionist consultant, saying: You can have a breakfast consisting of a piece of croissant with coffee without sugar, and before noon can have a cup of juice, and at lunch you can have a salad with two pieces of meat and a piece of potato and apple fruit, or any kind of fruit and coffee without sugar, What dinner can be a soup dish with fish fillet, rice and caramel cream and before bed can get a piece of biscuits, or eat another system consisting of breakfast consisting of a piece of white cheese next to a bread toast and a cup of fresh juice, and before lunch can be eaten two fruit fruits, and in lunch half a chick is eaten with rice and wafa salad Before dinner, eat a piece of chocolate, and at dinner a salad with 2 grilled fish and a cup of natural milk.

The lack of food is causing sudden hunger, which is an urgent desire to eat, due to the lack of regulation of the main meals, causing a malfunction of the nervous system, causing chronic indigestion and bloating of the colon and intestines and rapid fluctuations in weight affecting sugar and fat, which occurs Cardiovascular disorders and a number of hormonal problems, so it is necessary to organize food and follow those diets, while continuing to use sparkling in case of any pain.

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