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Reducing salts in diet threatens to "cardiac arrest"

Reducing salts in diet threatens to "cardiac arrest"

A recent US study revealed that diet based on reducing salt content in the body increases the risk of death from heart attack and stroke due to increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

The study, prepared by the American Center for Treatment and Prevention and published in the New York Times, said that people with less salt are the most likely to have a heart attack.

She added that those who eat the proportion of sodium salts equivalent to 2.5 grams per day were more likely to die than those who ate 3.9 grams of salts, as well as those who ate 6.0 grams, meaning that the higher the percentage of salts in food, the lower the rate of death from a heart attack.

The study was conducted on 50 people and was supervised by Dr. Jean Alif Satin, Professor of Medicine at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

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