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Do Chinese needles help you lose weight?

 Do Chinese needles help you lose weight?

A reader asks: Does Chinese needles have a role in weight loss? Dr. Nevin Helmi Abu Al-Saud, professor in the Department of Research and Applications of Complementary Medicine at the National Research Center, replied: Chinese acupuncture is one of the areas of alternative medicine, which falls under chinese people's treatment, which also includes cupping, herbal therapy, massage and food, an ancient treatment. It dates back about 5,000 years, and after it disappeared it re-emerged to become one of the most popular remedies.

In the West this type of treatment was developed, and became called dry tingling or "dry needling", which does not depend on energy pathways, such as Chinese medicine, but is based on pain points and nerve and muscle pathways, the latter type has scientific and medical foundations proven through medical research, which recommended Especially useful in the treatment and relief of pain.

Obesity is a global problem and is widespread in all societies and countries, and there is no doubt that dry tingling of certain points in the ear, similar to the points used in Chinese people's medicine reduces appetite, stimulates the stomach to digestion, is a contributing role to weight loss, but the main role returns to the diet.

Dr Nevin says: There are now many diets that help to slim, but the patient's ability to reach a reasonable weight in a specified period, without feeling stress or stress and depression resulting from the deprivation of certain types of food, especially sugars, is due to the competence of the physician, Its use is a diet that suits each patient's condition and adapts to their eating habits, which gradually transfer them to the ideal system.

Modern diets depend on the interaction of food types with each other, which reduces fat storage and weight gain, and some simple caveats give a good effect to weight loss, such as not eating fruits until two hours after lunch, or serving dinner for three hours before bedtime, In addition to simple sports such as walking, all this makes getting the perfect weight in a comfortable and applicable way by the patient is possible and available.

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