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The Only Sure Fire Ways to Lose My Belly Fat

Oh dear belly fat! How do I lose my belly fat? That's a question I asked myself a year ago when I used to look in a mirror. But now when I look in the mirror I smile because I can see the middle ripped my girl and I am proud. I love the way she moves her fingers through the bottom of my abdominal tract. It's all good!

To lose my belly fat here is what I need to do:

The incredible seven.

There are no stomachs and like these seven exercises. And it only took me five minutes to do it. I'll briefly summarize them:

1] Farmer Burns Abdominal Stomach: I stand on both my legs and breathe until I fill my lungs. When they are full, I close my mouth and try to force the air with the mouth closed. This will be my abs contract. I do this for 8 seconds then rest.

2] Farmer Reverse Burns Flattener: With this exercise instead of inhalation, I exhale all the air in my lungs and then close my mouth and contract my abs for 8 seconds and then relax.

3] Waist rotator: With this exercise, I turn it on again and hold the air. But this time I held my hand to my side and turned my waist all the way to the left and then to the right. I do this 8 times either side then relax.

4] Stand Crunch: As usual I breathe in the seal and then bend forward connecting my abs in the process to 8 representatives.

5] single-handed dam. I stood up and put one hand in the air and the other next to me. Breathe normally and hold air. Now if my left hand goes down on my side, I lean and bend my body in that direction and contract my abs at the same time. I hold it for 8 seconds and rest. I repeat to the other side.

6] Double Side Side Hands: This exercise is similar to a single-sided bend but the only difference is that I do it with two hands held and at stake.

7] Rotator of the neck and waist: This exercise is similar to the waist but I rotate the neck as well.

There is no good toning if I can't see it because the fat layer covers it. So another surefire way to lose my belly fat is:

Do Cardio Core High.

There are several ways to do this. I didn't mean to walk on a treadmill for an hour. I mean doing things like hill sprints and climbing stairs. Exercising for 20-25 minutes three times a week will cure my stomach fat in no time.

Lastly, I always remember to recover from this short intense training by eating high protein i.e fish, chicken, lean meat, and more. Complex carbohydrates such as wheat, fruits and vegetables. And then I sleep 8 hours a night.

If I follow these tips, I find it very easy to lose my belly fat. My girl likes my abs!


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