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How Arm Lift Surgery Is Performed

Weight changes, aging effects, and even heredity can cause the upper arm skin to become loose and moist. Arm lift, known as brachioplasty, is a procedure to consider when you want to remove the skin and fat benefits in your upper arm area. One of the first questions that may come to your mind is how to perform arm lift surgery. Well, this is very important to know, before proceeding with the procedure. Make sure you talk to your plastic surgeon about how the arm is performing and what options are available today to perform the procedure.

Recover Younger Arm Contour

Arm lift surgery has become increasingly popular over the last few decades, with many people using it to achieve their cosmetic goals. New and improved methods have made it safer to implement arm tactical procedures. Liposuction is all that is needed for people who have the benefits of fat with minimal skin benefits and good skin elasticity. Often, the surgeon may recommend the upper arm / upper arm as a way to reconstruct the lower arm, from lower to lower elbows. This procedure involves removing the excess skin, and tightening the underlying support tissue, thereby restoring younger arm contours.

Arm surgery may include:

• Eliminates excess fat on the upper arm

• Reduce excess sagging skin

• Tighten the underlying support tissue

How Is Arm Lift Surgery performed?

Top plastic surgeons perform brachioplasty using advanced fat removal and sculpting technology. One of the most powerful tools used is BodyTite. Currently awaiting FDA release, BodyTite contouring devices are extremely effective in ensuring successful removal of fat along with skin tightening results. The device uses a hand piece to deliver radiofrequency energy to adipose tissue and skin. Uses radiofrequency energy, fats liquefies and tightens the skin. The frequency of radiation is transmitted from the inner electrode to the external electrode in the device, supplying adipose, fibrous, and vascular tissues and heating the entire matrix of soft tissue.

This procedure is slightly invasive and is performed after administering local anesthesia. Only a small slice is required; so the scars are minimal.

Review of BodyTite Advantages

• Local anesthesia

• Reduced recovery time

• Grate scars

• Uncomfortable

• Outpatient procedure

• Almost painless

If you are considering having arm lift surgery, consult with one of the leading plastic surgeons in your area. Your surgeon will, after assessing your medical condition and other relevant details, inform you if you are a candidate for arm lift surgery.


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