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Fatigued to Fantastic - Reclaim Your Energy!

Fatigue has become an American way of life. Day after day, most of us are flooded with stress, too much information, and lack of sleep. To overcome this, we put our health and well-being on the back burner, relying on caffeine-like stimulants to continue. If this is how you live, you are not alone.

Fatigue is often caused by a poor lifestyle that can include hard work, lack of sleep (including disturbed sleep), lack of physical activity, mental stress, and poor eating habits. Over time, pushing yourself beyond your limits can lead to serious health consequences. In addition to the obvious effects on physical ability function, chronic explosion can disrupt your memory and concentration. It can also lead to weight loss and weakening your immune system, preventing you from fighting the disease.

On the other hand, an inactive lifestyle can also make you tired. Lack of exercise leads to a problem called "withdrawal" in which the body's organs start to decline, causing fatigue. Research has shown that even a light workout can induce a delayed response.

Normal fatigue happens to all of us from time to time. In some extreme cases, fatigue and fatigue can result from unexplained medical conditions. If you can't find the energy to carry on throughout the day - even if you eat well, supplement, exercise, and get plenty of sleep ask your doctor about other potential causes.

The following can also boost your energy levels and keep you tired.

Adrenal Fatigue-Your adrenal glands produce cortisol and norepinephrine hormones during stress. These hormones also balance your blood sugar, helping your body manage its daily energy flow. After years of constant tension, your adrenals can "burn". This can cause you fatigue. More than 80 percent of Americans suffer from adrenal fatigue, says Marcelle Pick, RNC, MSN, OB / GYN, NP, and author of Are You Lired and Wired? Your symptoms include these statistics including restlessness, difficulty waking up in the morning - even if you have gone to bed early the night before, feel dizzy or startled, have problems recovering from illness, and / or have a strong desire for snacks sweet and salty.

Inactive Thyroid - The most common thyroid deficiency in women, can intensify or mimic PMS or menopause symptoms, including weight gain, energy deficiency, and depression. Decreased hormone production can also make you tired and tired. Thyroid hormones become inefficient when stress hormones, cortisol, are too high or too low.

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of an energetic life. High energy diets are important for feeling good. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables - along with lean protein. Many healthy fats such as extra olive oil, avocado or organic coconut oil can also withstand fatigue. To keep your energy consistent throughout the day, try to include lean protein, healthy fats, and so on with at least one serving of vegetables and / or fruit in each meal.

In addition to healthy eating and exercise, vitamins and energy supplements targeted at Adrenal or Thyroid support can help boost your energy levels and support good overall health.

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