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Ephedra Side Effects

Many people who are looking for weight loss supplements or diet pills have heard or considered ephedra. If you have never tried ephedra then hopefully you will try to find the side effects of ephedra you need to know.

As with any herb, drug or chemical, there are good and bad effects on your body that must be fully considered before you try to buy ephedra based products.

Obviously, the side effects of ephedra are weight loss, and this is why most people are interested in this herb.

Let us break down the main effects of ephedra into both positive and negative categories.

Side effects of ephedra are positive

  • Weight reduction

  • Suppression of appetite

  • Energy Improvement

  • Exercise Improvement

It should be noted that most of the weight loss is usually experienced through the effects of appetite suppression.

Side effects of ephedra are negative

  • Heart palpitations

  • Increased Blood Pressure

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

Many people with insomnia are taking herbs late today and are still under the influence when they go to bed. This can be easily accomplished by not taking ephedra at any time after late afternoon.

Of course it should be noted that everyone will have different experiences with herbal ephedra and you may not have side effects or you may have them all at different times and to varying degrees of intensity.


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