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Vitamins Bad - Minerals Good

I grew up thinking that science is perfect and we know all the vitamins we need to survive. We will one day make pills that give us all those vitamins and then we can eat whatever we want and still be healthy.

Vitamin research was very important at the beginning of this century. Many diseases have been cured of what is known as vitamins. British sailors used to suffer from a terrible disease called scurvy. It turned out to be a nutritional deficiency known as "vitamin C."

Likewise, other substances have been found that in the absence of diet causes a serious illness. As each of these ingredients is found, they get their own vitamins. To be a "vitamin", a substance must be a chemical and the need for a diet or disease will cause it.

Error made. Vitamin D is probably the most famous mistake. It does not qualify as a vitamin because you do not actually need to take vitamin D. In fact, it can cause some serious problems if consumed too much. It should not receive "vitamin" status because the body can and does not make vitamin D itself properly. These conditions include exposure of the naked skin to sunlight.

Rickets are diseases that are cured by consuming vitamin D in raw milk and added to milk. Maybe that's why we came to the strange conclusion that we must drink other animal milk for proper nutrition. The fact is that we should get 10 or 15 minutes of sunlight every day ... maybe more ... maybe less ... depending on the color of our skin and where we live in the world.

Our bodies know how to stop producing vitamin D as soon as we have enough. If we take it, we can easily overdo it and cause more problems than it should. All other vitamins found are useful when they are found. Those who are poor and do not receive good nutrition have some terrible illnesses. Vitamins cure the disease.

Over time, thinking about vitamins has become more scientific than scientific. People start talking about anti-oxidants and how vitamins can prolong our life and make us healthier ... when taken above and beyond the amount needed to cure diseases that lead to their discovery.

Most of these organizations just shrugged off and found this thought to be somewhat harmless. Even if the disease caused by vitamin deficiency is not true in the developed world anymore ... what is the danger of taking daily vitamins to ensure that you are always protected?

In fact, nutrition has deteriorated especially in the US and Europe. Eating processed breakfast cereals, lunch snacks without vegetables or fruit and ... even boxed dinners with rice, noodles or mashed potatoes ... can eventually lead us back to the nutritional deficiencies and illnesses associated with it. .

Multivitamins can be insurance. Right?

More than lifting weights ... over time ... doctors and nutritionists are starting to take vitamins ... and in higher doses than those needed to prevent eating disorders. It is becoming very popular to imagine that mega-doses of vitamins help prevent heart disease and delay aging.

Most doctors now consider this to be the case and take their own vitamins. One conclusion is that doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the average population. There are other explanations for that, but recently many doctors and scientists have stopped lifting their shoulders and taking their vitamins.

There are major outbreaks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and ... other difficulties doctors have always assumed that vitamins can help alleviate or prevent. They really do not know, but they assume that the effect is either neutral or positive for the disease.

Therefore, several studies have been conducted using vitamins for placebo control as a treatment for these outbreaks. The result surprised many scientists and doctors. In almost every case that vitamins have any effect at all ... that's negative! We don't know the end of the story yet. This is probably because most vitamins are now made with synthetic ingredients.

In the next 10 years, we may see that vitamins are actually good, but they should be made from food and not in the laboratory. However, we must remember how vitamins are found. It has been found that the human body needs at least this chemical to stop certain diseases.

We have never seen an advantage in any scientific study to provide more than the minimum. And the reason "insurance" really doesn't work either. The food involved in this disease is very poor. These are people who eat nothing but white rice or anything but beer and tactics made from dried ground wheat.

The diet is very limited and limited for several months or years before the disease. In today's world, we still have some nutritional diseases in starving countries in Africa. A drop of some of these vitamins protects children from blindness.

But in today's developed world ... these nutritional disorders are simply non-existent ... even among those who eat only fast food or drink a gallon of soft drinks and one box of candy daily. Even with the worst diet imaginable in the western world, the diversity of foods available ... and the quantity of food available ... seems to completely eliminate the possibility of developing one of the most nutritional diseases that vitamins are found to cure.

Have you ever heard of someone with rickets (vitamin D deficiency) or scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) or ... beriberi (vitamin B deficiency)? Of course not. Foods leading to this nutrient deficiency are very limited. All of these diseases exist in extreme poverty, starvation, or ships at sea for a long time.

Vitamins are not something you should worry about. In fact, every recent study shows that those who take vitamins are as good or worse than those who don't take vitamins. Social groups that are most likely to take vitamins daily (such as doctors) have shorter life expectancies.

A vitamin in particular seems to have a great effect on weight. The effect can be positive or negative. The name of this vitamin is Niacin. It is one of the B vitamins. The component of cigarette smoke addiction called nicotine is closely related to this vitamin. In fact, some claim that they are very similar to their effects on metabolism.

This material is used regularly to create diabetic mice for use in laboratory experiments. The metabolic pathway is very similar to this substance in humans. Almost all scientists agree that one can easily make diabetes by giving them a large dose of Niacin ... just as they do mice for an experiment.

The link between diabetes and obesity is strong. In fact, I challenge you to get an A1C test or at least a laboratory test for blood sugar and / or insulin as soon as possible. If you are obese, you may also be a diabetic or pre-diabetic. It is useful to know where you are on the path to devastating diabetes.

The relationship between smoking and diabetes is well established. Surprisingly, most doctors seem to think of diabetes as an obesity and not the opposite. As for smokers, they tend to think of smoking as one of the leading causes of diabetes and ... recommend quitting smoking to help control diabetes blood sugar.

I tend to think of the main causes of diabetes and obesity as the same thing ... diet. But if one has to think of obesity or diabetes as another cause ... I tend to think of diabetes as the cause of obesity and not the way most doctors think about it. At any rate, I would urge very cautiously on a vitamin called Niacin. It has a dramatic effect on blood sugar, insulin, and weight gain or loss.

If you are currently taking multivitamins, I suggest you talk to your trusted health professional about stopping it ... especially if it contains Niacin ... and almost all multivitamins contain Niacin. If you already have diabetic or diabetic blood sugar levels and you really insist on taking Niacin ... watch both your weight and your blood sugar levels during your tests.

Losing one pound or two of ghosts using Niacin may not be worth it to you ... if you know that you cause a dramatic increase in your blood sugar levels and all the damage it causes to your body.

Regardless, I think you can see why I don't recommend taking vitamins. However, my views on minerals are very different. It's strange that most people don't think too much about minerals.

The developed world may not have a problem with vitamin deficiency, but ... we can see dramatic differences in the use of minerals over the last century ... and especially in the western world. We soften our water (extract minerals), grow foods with fertilizers that lead to dramatic growth ... while lowering the mineral content in our produce. The farmland has been "used" in terms of mineral content and we generally ignore this nutrient.

When I explain that I think there are four basic food groups ... plants, animals, poop and water ... many people might think it's nuts.

Who eats poop? Historically many civilizations actually ate poop. Of course they get ash (which is just another name for minerals) in their food when they cook in open fires ... and pour ash in the fields where their vegetables grow. This replenishes the mineral depleted field.

All plants and animals contain minerals. If you want to see how much, pack the organic ingredients until they are eaten. Logging from a tree in a wood stove is probably the easiest way to do this. The heat generated from burning organic matter is what we call calories.

In the wood stove, you actually burn protein (if any), carbohydrates (wood is plentiful) and fat (if any). If you burn some non-log animals, you will burn more protein and fat. The results will be the same. Heat is produced by consuming organic matter whether it is protein, fat or carbohydrate.

The metabolism path in the wood kitchen is a little easier than in your body. When combustion takes place, the water in the organic material is heated and turned into steam. So he was released and had a cold.

When you are done burning the wood, there is something left at the bottom of the wood stove. We call it "ash." Ash is another word for "mineral." Ash is inorganic (meaning it contains no carbon atoms) and elements ... which means that you can find it on a regular schedule.

In the ash are copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and many other elements that you find on the periodic chart. Your body needs this for all types of metabolic processes. It can't do it. They are elements. It will take alchemical action to turn something you eat that is not iron into iron. That will only happen in your body.

So you really need this mineral. And the amount we eat today is much lower than in the past for many different reasons. There aren't many studies on mineral intake and disease.

However, there are many different meta-geographical studies and their relative use of minerals ... and that can be linked to longevity. One can see a clear correlation between those living at high altitude and thus drinking high mineral content and longevity. In fact, the only three long-term countries with low altitude (sea level) populations are Japan, Norway and Ecuador. All three have a dramatic increase in volcanic activity from the coast resulting in mineral water rich in the sea.

The mineral rich water produces rich mineral fields and plants. Mineral rich plants produce mineral rich animals. Fish also play a major role in all three countries. Two are also quite rich. Wealth is actually the highest correlation we find with longevity.

So there are many factors in the game, but minerals may be one of those factors. Should you take mineral supplements? The jury is the one. It is not known at all if additional minerals in the form of pills are assimilated at all. Minerals are usually elements and are not extracted from food. It seems like a better idea to get your minerals from your diet.

But how? We've covered one way. Eating real foods will dramatically increase your mineral intake. Eat real plants and animals and not stuff in boxes, bags or bags. Preferably, processed foods contain mineral supplements. At least they contain no minerals. Eating wild foods also helps.

Agriculture and livestock lead to very low minerals containing plants and animals. Eating game meat, wild fish and plants from your own garden or local cages can dramatically increase your mineral intake. Of course, you also want to get rid of the water softener. Hard water means mineral rich water. The minerals are good for you.

If you have your own garden, you can also add ash manually to dirt. This will increase the mineral content of the soil and the resulting plants will have more mineral content.

That's why I don't take multivitamin supplements. And that's why I try to eat mineral rich foods.


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