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Relapse During Candida Diet?

It happened to some of my friends, while on the free Candida diet. After some time, after treatment began, they developed a death reaction, also known as the Herxheimer Reaction. So let's take a look and try to understand what's going on.

Dead reaction is usually caused by yeast Candida dying, the corpse polluting your body. Even dead Candida remains toxic to your body. Some alternative healers will say that dead yeast is even more toxic to a living body. Let's try to understand how this can be done. While suffering from Candida infections, your body develops toxins that are mostly eliminated by the yeast during its daily life. When a parasite dies, all the toxins that accumulate in its body are removed at once. If you follow me here, you already know that a deadly reaction is actually a good sign, a sign that your diet is working.

Symptoms Herxheimer's reaction is very similar to Candida's and that's why it looks like your symptoms are getting worse. The symptoms are getting worse, that's right, but the treatment is going well. When the program ends, the episode of the dying reaction becomes less and less, once Candida is gone. If you have Herxheimer's reaction, simply change your diet, or move back a step. A good cleaning program would be perfect: enema for detoxification, a variety of free foods, and more.


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