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Effective Dog Arthritis Pain Medications and Dangers

Arthritis is the most common disease for middle-aged and older dogs. It is usually part of the aging process but it can also be at the site of an old orthopedic injury. Symptoms of a dog's arthritis include taking longer to stand, moving a little slower, knees swelling or he may have difficulty climbing into his favorite chair.

Fortunately there are many effective dog arthritis medications, and some are being developed daily in the laboratory. This veterinarian can prescribe an effective remedy for dog arthritis.

NSAIDs are the main prescription for dog arthritis drugs in most cases. NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. NSAIDs help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and prevent disease progression.

Exercise is a very important step for dogs with arthritis and is considered an effective dog arthritis remedy. While exercising forces the dog to move and may worsen the cartilage, constant movement triggers the immediate release of lubricant fluid to the joints. This fluid is very helpful in normal joint movements to reduce pain.

A dog owner can do a number of things to help alleviate arthritis pain affecting dogs. Remedies and antidote play a very important role in treating arthritis. The best remedy for arthritis in dogs is proper management of the disease through diet, prevention, and pain as needed.

There are several over-the-counter medications especially to reduce dog arthritis pain that can be given to your dog to relieve arthritis pain within fifteen minutes.

Because prevention is always better than cure, keeping your pet healthy is still the best way to fight dog arthritis and other diseases. Dogs have an average age of 15 years. So if your pet is ten years old or older then he or she is at high risk for arthritis. The owner should know what he needs to do to make sure that the illness and the pain will be as small as possible. The right medication brings good results in most cases of arthritis in dogs.


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