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Can Candida Pills Trigger the Rapid Heart Rate?

Someone I know started taking new candida pills and she quit after the first day. He wants to ask for advice. He has potatoes and he has Sprites, and they may have started a quick pulse, but in the back of his mind he wonders if this is a new product he's been taking. The names are Arteriozyme and Candicid. They're both Energique. Let's say to do intestinal cleansing, also suppose to absorb 95% off.

A Naturopath told her to take it. So he took it for a day. She lost almost £ 3 the next day, to her surprise! She is happy with that aspect. He's still on xanax and he's wondering if you all thought this could trigger a rapid pulse rate? Anyone take it? She has found herself afraid of everything lately!

Also, he had been on a diet for 3.5 weeks and lost one pound. He took the pill and dropped 2.5 pounds last night! It's so good! They're not diet pills. The doctor told her he was stuffed with yeast and that's why he didn't lose weight. She told him that it would take 2 weeks for the pill and then he would be gone.

The heart rate may be higher than the sugar in Sprite and the fact that your body turns potatoes into sugar - so you basically have twice the sugar. I got this after I ate pasta, potatoes, some legumes, most breads, and all the processed sugars!


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