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About Common Foods That Can Cause Inflammation And Joint Pain

There are hundreds of possible contributing factors to inflammation and joint pain. Usually, people often focus primarily on age, weight training or work-related issues as a cause. But clinical findings have revealed that there are many types of foods that can cause joint pain. The pain of living together makes life very difficult. Anyone suffering knows that it is almost impossible for someone to perform their daily tasks comfortably.

Chronic inflammatory joints lack stability, strength and movement leading to weakness and defects. Therefore, determining and successfully eliminating foods that cause joint pain can help prevent these annoying diseases. It's also important to understand that not everyone will have the same reaction to certain things. Today's biggest concerns about health in general are our processed and sweet foods. Most of these foods are full of preservatives, high glycemic index which can increase inflammation and joint pain.

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Among the foods that cause inflammation and joint pain are sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as refined carbohydrates. High sugar levels in your diet will result in an increase in the number of glycosylated end products (AGEs.) AGE is a toxin that often appears when foods get baked, heated, paste, or fried. When the concentration of AGE in the body exceeds a high level, it breaks down certain proteins. The body reacts to this by trying to break down AGEs using cytokines, inflammatory messengers, what then causes joint pain. Avoiding sugar is a difficult task as it is in most processed foods that we do not know. However, avoid the people we know about containing as much sugar as possible; anything less will help to reduce some of the pain caused by sugar.


Red meat, in particular, is one of the foods that can cause joint pain. It's also important to ask: which meat? Not all red meat is the same; there are some that benefit our health. The difference is in eating meat from animals fed antibiotics, corn diets and / or hormones. Instead, look at organic alternatives. It is also advisable not to include foods that you eat in the organs such as kidneys, brain, heart, liver, tongue and penis. These foods are high in protein and can lead to very high levels of uric acid in the body. Other non-traditional meats such as mince, soup, bouillon and meat extract also contain high levels of purine and are better avoided.


Some dairies are very rich in hormones and do not have good digestive enzymes. When it comes to joint pain, many steroids and antibodies given to cattle become triggers. You should avoid any foods containing milk. Too much lactic acid in margarine, Whey, cheese, just a few, is not good for joint health because the toxins they carry can build up the body, causing joint problems.

Soft drink

Light drinks and soda rich in sugar and artificial sweeteners. The body cannot properly digest this artificial sweetener. Over time, they accumulate and become toxic making them one of the most popular foods that causes joint pain. Recent studies show that drinking too much soda increases osteoarthritis, especially in men. It is also known that the chemicals in soft drinks are low in calcium, a very important nutrient for the health of the joints.


Nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, peppers, potatoes, egg plants, and other hot sauce ingredients are among the foods that cause joint pain. This is because the vegetable contains an alkaloid known as Solanine which has the potential to build up calcium in the body tissues, thus causing arthritis and joint stiffness. Although, it is important to understand, the same vegetables in different conditions are very healthy. It should also be noted, that in some people it can have the opposite effect, so it's important to listen to your body. Your body will determine what is best for it.

Inflammation is part of the body's immune system response to healing. When this is out of control, it can damage the body such as joint pain and arthritis.

It depends on the food we choose to eat - or not eat. This makes a difference to our health in general.


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