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A Surfer's Diet

Skating can be physically drained. Given the amount of calories burned while surfing, the amount of time spent in the ocean and under the sun without fresh water to stay hydrated, it is important for a surfer to receive sustenance after each surfing session to help rejuvenate the body. What's the best diet plan for a surfer? Eat More, Lose Weight? No carbohydrates or Atkins diet? Or what about the raw food diet? There are so many options to choose from, and if you're like me, you might try ALL! Diets aren't easy to stick to, so instead of making a "diet" plan for a surfer, building a diet plan ... a different way of looking at food. When I think of what kind of food is put into my body, as a surfer, I think of food that long-time sailors eat; what my ancestors ate, the people of Hawaii.

In ancient times, surfing was part of Hawaiian culture and was considered an art, not a recreational activity. The natives of Hawaii are physically strong; built to stand 6-8 feet high; built strong enough to build their own hale (or house), wa 'a (or canoe), papa he' ealu (or skateboard) with their bare hands. The skateboard is made of wood, usually from a tree (or acacia too). This skateboard is built anywhere between ten and sixteen feet long. To be physically able to produce great creations, the ancient people of Hawaii received their sustenance from 'aina, or land. Whatever they grow, whatever they find in the sea, and what they hunt in the mountains, they eat. But the land was abundant, they did not take more than needed.

As a modern surfer, here is the food in my nutrition plan, influenced by the ancient people of Hawaii:


- Fuck


fresh fruits (papaya, coconut, mango, pineapple, banana, guava)

- Fresh vegetables

-fresh fish


- Peanut herb

If possible, try to avoid processed foods and red meat. I love fruit and vegetable juice juices (a great source of carbohydrates and vitamins, and great for hydration). Avoid frying food. I love grilled chicken and fish at my George Foreman grill (a great source of protein and energy boost). Also try to avoid as much sugar as possible. I like to use Hawaiian salt (or sea salt) to cook my food. Boiling, steaming, or baking taro, sweet potato, purple, and sugarcane, are great alternatives to rice or bread. Most importantly, drink plenty of water.

By following a healthy diet, you will find yourself enjoying the stock that comes with surfing instead of fatigue.


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