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Here's the Ultimate Psoriasis Natural Cure for Kids

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) describes the condition as "a disruption of the immune system affecting the skin, and sometimes the eyes, nails, and joints." Psoriasis is characterized by a dry red scale called 'plaque'. which is both painful and unattractive - the situation is sometimes heartbreaking.

Opinions we Health experts say that the immune system only responds this way when something goes wrong or the immune system reacts to the presence of foreign proteins - in other words, allergic reactions. This is supported by the fact that conditions are often associated with food intolerance and chemical sensitivity.

The first place to start with the natural remedy of psoriasis for children is to identify allergens. These can be food allergies - wheat and dairy are often blamed - or allergies to home chemicals, soaps, perfumes, detergents, animals or even jewelry. A simple pulse test will help with this.

Take a heartbeat and if it increases more than 10 beats a minute after being exposed to food or anything else, then you have an allergy.

Diet Suggestions

Natural healing of psoriasis for children begins with a dietary correction:

  • No snacks, no out-of-the-box or canned foods, no fried foods, eliminating all refined or processed sugars and carbohydrates - bread, pizza dough, cookies, white bread etc.

  • Avoid irritating or allergic foods and start a diet of rotation - avoid eating the same thing every day.

  • Increase the intake of essential omega 3 fatty acids from fish and hemp oil and reduce the intake of omega 6 oil (a very common oil in nuts, vegetable oils, grains) - this will reduce the impact of inflammation on the immune system. Omega 6 changes the immune system and turns off omega 3.

Recommended Additions

We recommend the following Supplements for natural psoriasis for children:

  • High doses of vitamin A and vitamin E - you should consult your local naturopath.

  • EFA supplement - as fish oil from a trusted source.

  • Supplements containing zinc, copper and selenium - naturopaths suggest therapeutic doses.

  • Digestive enzymes - this improves digestion and quickly improves skin condition by reducing the immune system's inflammatory response.

  • Probiotic supplements - ideal for restoring digestive bacterial balance in the stomach.

Topical cleansing contains Calendula, and Chamomile may help in relieving inflammation.

Essential oils can also be used as a natural remedy for psoriasis for children. The essential oils recommended by our aromatherapists include: Bergamot, Roman chamomile, geranium, lavender and incense.


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