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What is the treatment for severe thinness?

 a reader asked : I am 21 years old and I weigh 45 and my height is 155 and my problem is that I do not show on my body the signs of femininity and very skinny, which causes me embarrassment when one of my relatives sees me what treatment or solution of this matter?

This question is answered by Dato R Mustafa Sari, a consultant of obesity and nutrition, saying that weight gain is due to dietary habits or lifestyles, but the body shape is largely heredity, so you should try to increase your weight by increasing the amount of food you eat from dairy products and sweets And sugars, with exercise that greatly contribute to the correction of the body's position.

So you should follow a diet program that fits your health status after consulting your physician and you can follow the diet program consisting of:
A loaf of eggs with pastrami mixed with 2 tablespoons of butter with two slices of Romano cheese or cheddar with a glass of milk, subject to tablespoons of milk powder and two tablespoons of white honey, between breakfast and lunch slices dessert.

The daily lunch is a rice or pasta or a loaf with half a chicken or half a kg of fish with a quarter kg of meat and 1/4 kg French fries, in addition to four tablespoons of green salad, and a dish cooked vegetables with minced meat with two fruits, and between lunch and dinner slices a dessert or dinner, it is like lunch, and before bedtime Direct a large cup of milk with four tablespoons white honey and four tablespoons milk powder.

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