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Is persistent weight gain related to the thyroid gland?

 Is persistent weight gain related to the thyroid gland?

 A reader says I want to inquire about my situation I am increasing in weight significantly with the feeling of fatigue and permanent exhaustion knowing that the amount of food I eat as it is and reduce it to reduce my weight but to no avail and I find it difficult to move (I weigh 74 kilos and i am 160 cm tall and i am 28 years old) and married and have a child. Is this feeling of being overweight from the gland or is there another reason?

This question is answered by Prof. Dr. Ashraf Saeed Mohammed, consultant endocrinologist, diabetic and pancreas, saying that this patient suffers from a defect in thyroid function because she suffers from permanent weight gain even with the organization of meals and with reduced for this the patient must perform gland tests:
FT4, FT3, TSH and these analyses will determine the extent of imbalance in the balance of hormone functions because the causes of weight gain are a decrease in thyroid functionif the activity of hormone functions is low to cause weight gain, but if the activity of hormone functions is high it causes underweight and what determines the problem of the thyroid gland Is to perform the above-mentioned analyses and then perform the tv x-rays (sonar) and when confirming the existence of a defect the treatment is like the following in case of a decrease in the functions of thyroid hormone the patient is given compensatory hormones for the gland but if there is an increase in the activity of hormones we give the patient drugs that reduce the Gland secretions and if the treatment of the problem of the gland and the patient has been overweight she has to go to the slimming doctor to solve the problem.

In the same context, says Dr. Maha Rada Mays, a dietitian, the patient should resort to a thyroid test and if the gland is healthy, the patient must go on this system first, she must organize meals and must eat 3 meals a day and between each meal and another eating fruit and she should eat The patient should walk twice a day for half an hour after waking up and a third of an hour after dinner.

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