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I can't resist food and I want to keep my weight.

 I can't resist food and I want to keep my weight.

 Kariman Abdul-Maqdis says, I am a 18-year-old girl and I enjoy eating very well and I consider that eating is healthy and healthy, but sometimes there is a slight increase in my weight, so what do I do to maintain my weight?

Dr. Osama Hafni, consultant of physiotherapy and obesity treatment, answers, although nutrition science throughout the past centuries has been primarily concerned with providing balanced food and combating the shortage of nutritional ingredients, but in recent times has become more interested in the new global problem. It is the problem of obesity, which has become a priority of the World Health Organization, and a priority for those interested in health in developed countries, because it has topped the problems causing death and serious diseases around the world, and because most people eat more food than their bodies need, The body stores excess food in the form of fat, and the accumulated fat will not only affect the body shape, but its accumulation on some vital body organs such as the liver can have a serious effect on health and also its accumulation on the ovaries in women can be a contraceptive in many women who wish to The pregnancy.

To combat obesity, a balance must be struck between the food consumed and the energy consumed, this balance must be taken care of its continuity, and take into account the various factors that can increase energy consumption such as age, sex, activity, climate, etc., and in our attempt to lose weight must We eat whole food that is varied on all the nutrients required on a daily basis, and the attention is that the shortage is only the general heat content, but it should be noted that the acute lack of heat content, unusual diets, is considered harmful to health and also not useful to reduce Long-term weight, and most of the time it is counterproductive, and the weight increases sharply afterwards.

Your love of food is normal but you should be careful not to overeat and must be natural and balanced as much as needed, but it can be evil and apal if it exceeds the limit, and get used to large amounts of food in adolescence, which is characterized by increased growth and activity may be accompanied by a slight increase in weight and possibly sometimes It is not accompanied by any weight gain but caution that in the following years can trigger an increase in weight we cannot control, the advice is balance, diversity and eating as needed and not as desired.

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