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What Are the Risk Factors of Hemorrhoids?

Anyone can get hemorrhoids, especially now that the diet relies on foods that have low fiber content and high processed content. The lack of proper water intake and the design of the current toilet bowl also create opportunities for larger hemorrhoids. The cause of hemorrhoids is the increased pressure in the hemorrhoid vein but there are many ways in which this pressure arises. This is a risk factor that generally increases a person's chances of developing hemorrhoids.

Because of the Diet

People's diet today is usually fat but low in fiber. This type of diet can be seen in any corner of any street in any city. That is, the diet of people who turn into fast food; one full of salt, saturated fat and all kinds of preservatives and chemicals that satisfy the taste but give no nutritional value.

This type of diet usually causes constipation and, on the opposite spectrum, diarrhea as well. This in turn leads to increased pressure on the rectal veins and, thus, increases the chance of treating hemorrhoids.

Because of Habit and Life Style

People's behavior also increases the risk of this. Silence can actually cause hemorrhoids since sitting too much can lead to increased pressure causing hemorrhoids to appear. This is especially true if you have poor posture and rarely stand on your feet moving.

People usually like to sit in the toilet for longer than they really need to; whether to read a book or a newspaper while doing their business. This may seem innocuous unless the design of a modern toilet bowl actually helps hemorrhoids.

Obesity also causes unnecessary pressure on the rectum. Also, because, usually, the low nutritional value of the ingested food, obese people are also prone to constipation, which further increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Anal contact also leads to increased probability of developing hemorrhoids; This lifestyle activity significantly exerts pressure on the veins around the anus and thus increases the risk.

Because of other factors

Other risk factors are not controlled by the person. This includes the person's age; the higher the age the higher the probability of getting hemorrhoids. There are also several medical reasons that are considered to be risk factors for hemorrhoids; These include Cirrhosis (scar tissue in the liver), and chronic diarrhea or constipation. The use of laxatives also increases the pressure on the rectum which may lead to the growth of the irritant.

For women, being pregnant also means that hemorrhoids will be a big possibility. Fetuses or infants in the female's womb cause additional stress and pressure on the veins, which are more likely than not, leading to swelling.

Luckily for everyone, hemorrhoids usually don't last long. In fact, if left alone (or sometimes pushed into the rectum), hemorrhoids usually disappear after a few days without any serious complications or discomfort.


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