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The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Therefore, you have been on a diet for weeks and your stomach is not as fast as you want it to be; what steps you can take to accelerate your weight loss. The first thing you need to do is increase the amount of aerobic exercise you can do, which can be anything from jogging around the city to a tight gym. Whatever you choose, always make sure you consult your doctor before starting to make sure that your exercise program will not harm your health.

The first step is to make sure that you have enough warmth and stretch, doing this at the beginning and end of your exercise session will reduce the amount of lactic acid that builds up your muscles and reduces your stress the next day. So for the first month starts with twenty minutes of exercise that increases your heart rate and keeps you pink in the face. You should try to do this at least three times a week to get the most out of your training.

Now if your goal is to reduce belly fat you may want to organize your program so that the best exercises for losing belly fat are included in each session. There are various exercises you can do into your program that will help your stomach. Basic stomach problems are the first and where you lie on your back, it's best to use a roller ab for this that can be purchased at any sports outlet. Obviously if you are a gymnast, they will have a roller or a bench to use. So lay with your back flat on the floor and hold the roller ab on each arm, now using your abdominal muscles to raise your back off the ground to no more than 30 degrees; hold the position for a second and then return to your original position. Try doing this twenty times, taking a break then repeating four times so that your total crunches are 80 (20 crunches x 4 with minute breaks in between). Finally after you have been doing stomach crunches for a month, you should increase the amount until you do 30 crunches four times. I found that after a few months I managed to get 300 stomachs and my stomach started to look and feel better. There are other exercises that you can include in your fitness program but standard abdominal problems have and will always be most beneficial.


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