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Hemorrhoids Treatment At Home - Treating Hemorrhoids With Dry Fig Fruit And Banana

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are a common problem among many people today. It is a disease that affects men and women. This is caused by abnormal bowel movements, such as when you have chronic constipation or frequent diarrhea.

Because you have difficulty passing through the stool, you are expecting too much pressure on your rectum and rectum, causing inflammation or swelling. Swelling can cause great pain and can even cause bleeding.

What is the solution?
If you have frequent hemorrhoids, you may need to consider changing your lifestyle. Do you have enough fruits and vegetables in your diet? Do you get enough fiber to meet your daily allowance? You may need to change your eating habits to get a healthy digestive tract. Also, are you getting enough training or are you living an inactive lifestyle? This can contribute to the frequent consumption of hemorrhoids.

However, it is important to note that these are preventative measures. If you have experienced hemorrhoids, all you need is a cure. You can go to a doctor and ask for a cream of medicine that you can use on the hemorrhoids. However, you can do better by trying home-tested herbal remedies to be very effective.

What Home Remedies Can You Try?
There are many home remedies for treating hemorrhoids that are easy to prepare and very inexpensive.

Dried Fruit Fig
For example, you can use dried figs (scientific name Ficus carica).
This can significantly improve peristalsis, which helps you get through your intestines more easily. You only need to get the dried figs carefully cleaned. Soak in a blink of an eye in water that has been purified when closed to ensure its purity. In the morning, eat fruit and drink water where it has been soaked. You can also do the same at night for faster help. The results need to be seen within a week.

Fruits that may be in your kitchen right now that you can use to combat hemorrhoids are bananas. Bananas (of the genus Moses) are a common fruit in the tropics of Southeast Asia. It is very effective in reducing pain during urination for those with hemorrhoids as it softens the stools.

You just need to boil two cooked bananas and eat them after dinner. Some people prefer to squeeze milk and sugar to make delicious fried bananas. Some people add boiled bananas to their oats. You can choose whatever mode you want to take the banana stew. Do this every day for at least a month and you may find that you are no longer hemorrhoid. You will also feel healthier because all bananas are sometimes called magical fruits for packing in many vitamins and minerals in one fruit, including potassium and iron.


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