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Crohn's Super Food - Avocado

Crohn's diet includes certain foods that are a symbol of Crohn's diet, summarizing his goals in this diet, which reduces the use of the bathroom and overall pain by minimizing the pain itself but also the opportunity for one body to produce pain. These foods are called super foods, and can help any person diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It's emotionally involved with the Crohn's diet, because the food is tasty and, therefore, encouraging to be disciplined on such a diet.

Avocados are an example of super foods. High in nutrients, avocado has been considered difficult to digest. However, because avocado is greasy and oily, its texture is relatively low, making it easy to digest. Yes, avocado is fat, but good fat lowers LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol, where LDL is "bad" and HDL is "good".

Another benefit is that avocado slows the absorption of other carbohydrates into the bloodstream through a good fat called monosaturated fat. Sugar comes from simple carbohydrates, and the reason why the Crohn's diet prevents carbohydrates is due to simple sugars, which are naturally absorbed and absorbed by the bloodstream very quickly. More sugar, more pain. Thus, avocado slows down this process naturally, reducing the resulting pain. This means that avocado makes digestion easier.

True avocado has 60% more potassium than bananas. This is an important element of understanding for people diagnosed with Crohn's. It's because potassium is a nutrient that is easily thrown away by the body; More frequent visits to the bathroom or diarrhea means significant potassium disposal. In order to keep the potassium levels low, Crohn's diet promotes potassium rich foods, thus emphasizing the consumption of avocado and "super".

Avocados also help drive high metabolism metabolism which means more energy, something that Crohn's fighters do because of the energy that flows into the toilet.

Another obstacle with Crohn's can be found in their journey to better health through the Crohn's diet is anemia, or lack of red blood cell count. This may be due to inadequate absorption of protein, usually through the source of meat, as it may be too difficult to digest, and / or bleed. Thus, avocado is also found to promote the growth of red blood cells.

Other benefits include the fact that avocado helps build emotional health as it fights stress and depression, a common theme for those struggling to deal with a normal life caused by spending too much time in the bathroom or just in pain instead of studying, working, paying bill, or build a social bridge that is important to the human soul.


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