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Breath is Life - Do You Breathe Deeply Enough?

Breath is the key to our biology and our spiritual nature. Without it, we cannot survive; with it, we thrive, and combined with awareness, we wake up. Breathing is not just oxygen; it is a vehicle for the subtle vitality to enlighten us as it passes through our breath. How we breathe not only directly affects our health but also enters it with others, just as anger or pleasure affects the people around us.

The ancients paid more attention to the breath. Even the root of our Latin word is respire (re) - return, (spiritus) - spirit: every breath is a return of spirit. Ancient Indian Yogis called prana breath, which meant the life force of the Universe. Confucius Masters warns us not to confuse the exterior of oxygen with the inward breath, chi or energy.

As the key to our biology, deep breathing gives us incredible amounts of energy, vitality and success; Superficial breathing patterns promote anxiety and stress, accelerate the aging process and become a major contributor to coping with discomfort. Each of the body's systems from detoxification, to burn fat to transfer lymph requires oxygen. Consistent deep breaths mean that the body doesn't have enough fuel to get rid of toxins and fats until it stores it. When this becomes a chronic pattern, the organs will shut down and not be completed.

Most of us are not taught to breathe fully; When we are shown how to use the complete respiratory system, we bring health back to our body parts that have become unstable since superficial breathing. Deep breathing using the diaphragm and intercostal muscles between the ribs; The diaphragm stimulates the soft circulation of the abdominal organs, the intercostal muscles massaging the lungs and the heart. Without this important massage, common ailments like digestive / colonic spleen, back tension, reproductive organs, heart disease and more. The eastern region of the eastern medical field is also known as a source of power, creativity and the ability to trust throughout life. By gradually breathing, we connect with our core, our creativity, and our power.

Check now to see where your breath begins. Put four fingers under your belly button, and your hand in your heart, can you feel any movement? Your breath tells the story of your life. Inhalation is about consuming vital energy, do you say 'it'? yes it's good to live? If so, you can feel the full movement in those four fingers. Does it breathe into your chest? Or is your shoulder muscle chronically tight? If breathing does not go away stress; when it is deep and full of breath, it gives the whole body an internal massage.

Exercise tells us how well we give up what we don't need; can we let go of what we dislike, or do we reject it? Can we rest in the flow of life? How do we deal with fear, or pain when it arises? Are we living a life of purpose and alignment with purpose?

Breath is life; Andrew Weil, a doctor who is known for combining eastern medicine with western medicine, says, "When there is discomfort in the body, the physical, the hurt, the sick: the first thing you need to look at is to see how you breathe. every body system, determining whether we are trapped in flight or fighting, or able to relax and balance ourselves. "


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