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What Is Your Diabetes Resolution for 2014?

The New Year brings hope for a better future, a chance to undo the mistakes we have made and rebuild what we have always wanted. This is true for all aspects of our lives including our health. What better way to start the New Year! Let's make a resolution. That's right. Q & # 39; is how different this resolution is from everything we have broken.

Now we know that diabetes has reached epidemic levels. This disease is more a lifestyle disorder than a disease. Why not make a diabetes resolution for 2014?

What is the right diabetes resolution for the New Year?

It's easy - regularly monitor your blood sugar levels, plan your diet, improve physical activity, take medication on time and get regular checkups.

This New Year:

1. Make it a point to visit your doctor at least 2 to 4 times a year, even if you are physically fit

2. Have a comprehensive foot examination done twice a year

3. Tell your doctor about any medications you have taken, including herbal pills and over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

4. Take all your medications on time, according to your doctor's prescription. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor if you are confused or unsure about taking any medication.

5. Regularly schedule blood sugar evaluation tables.

6. Understand the factors that affect your overall health- A1c, triglycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure and microalbumin.

7. Increase your physical activity level. Simple exercise can improve the body's fat burning process and turn your body into a fat burning machine. Even simple activities like walking in a 15-minute building complex can be a positive step towards improving your health.

8. Monitor what you eat. Do you eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and grains? Do you reduce your fat intake? Now is the time! IF you have any doubts about the size of the food or foods you should eat or avoid, ask a dietitian.

9. Have a comprehensive eye exam every year. Keep in mind that your ophthalmologist sends you to your diabetes primary care doctor.

10. Visit your dentist at least twice a year to check for possible dental complications caused by diabetes.

11. Increase your knowledge of diabetes. Read books, join online forums, etc.

Also follow these simple tips every day of the year:

1. Check your feet for cuts or scratches. If the wound takes longer than normal to heal, visit your doctor.

2. Wash with warm water and gentle soap.

3. Don't forget to brush your teeth daily.

The more you focus on your solution for diabetes care, the more confident and motivated you will feel.

The New Year is letting go of healthy habits and making positive changes in our lives.

Make the decision to live a healthier and happier life!

Happy New Year 2014!


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