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What Is The Difference Between VASER Hi Def And 4D?

Both VASER HI Def and 4D are terms related to body sculpting. This unique cosmetic surgery procedure can create artificial muscles such as six pack abs and many other areas. Probe liposuction is used to drain the superficial fat of the treated area. VASER equipment, which offers ultrasound-assisted channels, was chosen by plastic surgeons as one of the most important tools for doing this. We can get a body sculpt even without VASER hi defo ultrasound lipo, as the result depends on the surgeon eventually.

What is Body Sculpting And How It Is Different From Body Contouring

The idea of ​​body sculpting is to make a groove on fat that looks like a determined muscle, as if someone had acquired it at the gym. It's similar, but not concurrent with body contouring. This means that body contouring is about removing fat from under the skin to flatten the pockets or hair. The focus of body sculpture is to create undertones in the skin. Because it may release a small amount of fat in the subcutaneous fat, or even inject some of it back to establish the correct definition. Body sculpting may or may not include a lot of fat removal for body contouring. It is common practice to find a patient to choose a body contour with VASER Hi Def, for the most part.

Body Care Sculpting

The stomach is the most frequently treated area for the body, with six packs being the most iconic dirty definition, but not the only treatable area. Men with Gynecomastia or men's breasts, referring to the menstruation of the breasts, appear to be breasts, looking for this procedure as well to get a flat chest, and clear stems. In addition, 4D hi def can be used for contours, nails, arms, and thighs.


This procedure is performed under local anesthesia until and unless a significant amount of fat is involved. The VASER hi Def or 4D probes are inserted into the patient's skin through small incisions. Surgeons gently soothe the skin in the skin to eliminate localization of subcutaneous fat, and when it is diluted, it is removed from the body through aspiration.

Once the fat is released, it is stored in jars, which are fluids made up of fat, blood and other body fluids, local tissue thinning, small tissue. The fats are purified by removing anesthetics, tissues, etc., and purified fats are injected into the treated area, to create a groove on the skin, which appears immediately.

Once the surgeon is done with the body sculpture, the cutting wound is cleaned and dressed, the surgeon may leave it open, so any residual fluid is removed from them. And compression clothing is worn. Patients can get out of surgery as soon as they feel comfortable and balanced, which usually occurs within 1-2hours after surgery.

The decision

Patients may see skin grafts, such as a muscle definition that is expected immediately after surgery, or even during the procedure, as they are awake under local anesthesia. However, immediately after the surgery, the treatment area was swollen. It can take up to 4-5 months for the swelling to completely subside, so that the actual results can be seen.


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