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Tips For Getting Pregnant With a Boy Baby

If you found this article, you are either trying to get pregnant, want a baby boy, or both. So I'll give you some tips on how to achieve this goal. As you try to get pregnant, you can also replicate your efforts to get the sex you want. I'll tell you how to do this below.

Getting Pregnant With a Boy Needs The Right Time And The Best Provision, But Not As Hard As You Think:

Most people will tell you that to get pregnant, you need to show your fertility window and then have as much sex as possible before the window closes, in the hope that one of these trials will reward you with pregnancy. This will work well if you are satisfied with your gender.

However, if you die on a boy, this method will increase your chances of having a girl. Why not? Because the sperm that produces a man is much different than the one that gives you a daughter. The daughter (or X) sperm is very long lived, but slowly. Child (or Y) sperm is weak and exposed, but also fast. This provides you with the balance you need, but it also gives you the opportunity.

If you are pregnant at the beginning of your fertility window, you will allow a lot of good male sperm, otherwise it can lead to pregnancy and you fill your fertility tract with a hard girl's sperm that has no problem lasting for several days.

Therefore, to conceive a man, you need to determine the end of your window - this means the day (or the day after) ovulation. Yes, today is technically a "waste", but with the right tools, it's not always the same as you think.

For a truly effective gender selection, you need to be very precise. You can do this by finding a reliable predictor of ovulation (I like saliva because I find it to be exact) but get what works for you. Ancient methods such as basal temperature, rhythm method, and cervical mucus left a lot to be desired in my opinion as they did not provide the yes / no answers you needed.

Other Ways To Get Pregnant With A Child: Relationship Position:

No doubt timing is important, but it's not the only thing you need to do. You will want to send the Y sperm to their target as quickly and efficiently as you can because they are weak. Therefore, have sex in a way that makes the sperm as close to your cervix as possible (deep penetration). This allows the little ones to quickly gain the advantage.

Making Your PH Lower / Becoming Acidic And Less Alkaline:

Even if you do everything I mentioned (time, sex position), there is still one variable for address. You need to control Y's sperm as best as possible. The last way to do this is to reduce the acidity of your vagina. The reason is because the male sperm cannot withstand high PH. Therefore, to give this person the best chance, you need to be more alkaline. So many couples are scared of this step, but there's no reason to be. Again, the right tool makes all the difference. And, the best tool here is a PH tester you can find at a nutrition center or online.

Once you use this, you'll know where you stand. If you test and eventually become acidic or need to make changes, don't worry, you can change it. One way to reduce it is to eat alkaline foods. (Yes, this requires a diet for a small amount of time, but it will be worth it.) The second way to get into the "men's zone" is to use alkaline douches (and this is usually more than baking soda). , this is not as difficult. There is a list that will tell you what foods to eat and which douches to eat.

The beauty of this process is that you can change it and change it as needed and keep testing. You can easily see what's working and what's not (most people have the best results and fastest by using food and douching).

It is said that if you address all of these variables, you can increase your chances for a concept boy up to 94%. And, you know, without a doubt, and without a doubt, it's time to get pregnant with the baby boy you want.


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