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The Truth About 6 Pack Abs - Forget the Stupid Crunches

The truth about 6 pack abs is - don't waste too much of your time on exercises like crunches or sit ups, and boring cardio! The key to gaining abs or losing your beer gut is to focus on the following -

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1. Nutrition is the king of abs and fat loss. If you want abs or a flat stomach, then you need to lower your body fat count. To do that, you need to eat less calories and fatty foods. If you are on a poor daily calorie diet, you will gain more body fat. Even the best of exercises or crunches will not burn enough to get fat from your body. So eat wisely, and shop wisely for your food.

2. Drink less energy drinks, sugary drinks and alcohol.

3. According to the Truth About the 6 Pack Abs ebook, variable intensity training is focused on high-intensity aerobic exercises such as interval training, and for strength training, getting into multi-joint training. Both combinations will burn more body fat, and work your muscles stronger!

4. Remove snacks from pantry, and choose healthier options like fruits, a few raw beans or low-fat yogurt. In other words, the healthier the food, the better.

5. Finally, Truth about 6 pack abs - your diet and exercise don't have to be perfect. If you take action and stay in tune with your better habits, you will go far to lose that fat.


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