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Stressed by the Failure to Lose Weight? You May Be Energetically Switched!

Do you often try to lose weight? Have you ever lost weight and only regained it over time? Don't you like having fun when you're on a diet? Have you tried everything but never been able to achieve long-term results?

Maybe you're moving smoothly.

The old-fashioned misunderstandings we have about our bodies can be retained in good times but the constant stress and trauma in one's life can trigger this belief and inappropriate behavior again. For example, the three different reactions to the scenario where a husband leaves his overweight housewife to a younger, more attractive woman. One woman becomes angry and hostile, releases her frustration all over the world, others take over her life, lose weight, change her clothes and hairstyle and find attractive new jobs while a third surrenders, sits in front of a chocolate eating television and puts on more weight body. These very diverse reactions have a completely different core message about what is a relationship and how it works in a crisis. The person then plays his life based on core beliefs held deep in the subconscious.

The first expression of emotion, whether positive or negative, is a change in the body's electrical state. There is now a lot of research supporting the idea that in addition to food-driven physical bodies, humans also run complex energy systems driven by electrical impulses circulating through the body. Chinese health practitioners have used acupuncture points on this energy system for at least 5,000 years. The key to many of the disruptions we experience in our daily lives is in this system.

Energetic patterns are arranged for life. Many of them were invited when we were children. From birth to two years, our brain waves are at the delta level (1-4 cycles / second associated with unconsciousness), from age two to twelve, the moving level of theta (4-8 cycles / sec is related to relaxation and deep sleep) to alpha (8-14 cycles / second related to congregation, meditation, hypnosis) and then into beta (14-25 cycles / second related to standard movement and awareness). During this time, our mind is fully alerted and we are hypnotized by everything we see, hear, taste, taste and touch. Our beliefs about the world, marriage, family, work, etc., are shaped, whether positively or negatively. Throughout life, when we experience traumatic events, we feel more vulnerable and create more energy imbalance.

Turned on is the polar imbalance around a particular area of ​​one's life. This concept (described as psychology reversed by California psychologist Roger Callahan, who discovered Thought Field Therapy) comes from Applied Kinesiology. Psychological reversal, or divergence, is caused by self-defeating negative thoughts that result in persistent internal conflict between what the person says he wants and the negative belief deep down.

The fear of being thin, for example, may lie dormant but influence daily decisions. They help determine who we are, how we live and how we view the world around us. Consider the belief in the body's awareness of weight, which may be a sign of conflict between the intellectual mind and the programmed beliefs to be slim.

Beliefs that contribute to your adherence to stored energy (fat):

  • I don't deserve to have fun with my body
  • My weight is holding me back from gaining more
  • It's not safe for me if I lose weight
  • My weight keeps me from making a life change
  • The rest of the family is overweight and I am fortunate
  • Having fat helps me to have no feelings
  • My size allows me to avoid certain sports, hobbies or events
  • I avoid social situations because of my weight
  • If I stopped eating ice cream, pastries and so on, it would be like losing a friend
  • My weight allows me to be passive, to hold back, and so on. and others.

For every negative belief in the list, there are opposite positive beliefs that can be replaced.

Every diet you have ever tried is an outside job. You are asked to form and act externally: eat low fat, exercise more, and drink more water. An energetic approach to getting rid of stored energy is the job inside.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of energy psychology that can be used to free you from emotional and physical issues that keep you from becoming and becoming thin. You can learn to use this innovative procedure for yourself to release stress, desire, eat triggers, self-esteem issues and quickly bring yourself back to emotional balance. It is a way of responding effectively to ourselves so that healthy living is a natural extension of energy and balance in mind, body and spirit.

EFT argues that the cause of all negative emotions is disruption in the body's energy system. With remarkable consistency, EFT relieves symptoms by regularly tapping with the tip of a finger at a certain point on the energy meridian while thinking about or experiencing problems or problems. This then neutralizes the interference in the body's electrical system.

Many energetic imbalances may be partially or completely solved in a short time using this process. Others may require repetition. More complex issues often have different layers or aspects that need to be balanced in turn. The idea is simply to continue until all relevant aspects have been neutralized and removed. The results are usually long lasting. EFT often provides relief where other techniques fail and have a high success rate, typically 80-90% or better.

To eliminate stored energy, you must address the underlying causes. Like any other addiction, food addiction is driven by anxiety. How many times have you raided the fridge or had a midnight snack even when you weren't hungry? Your mind may be bored or lonely but it is a form of anxiety. Anxiety that drives addiction to food or other substances or behaviors can come from anywhere. It may come from abusive childhood experiences, traumatic memories or stress in the family or workplace. To lose your stored energy, you must eliminate anxiety that induces excessive eating behavior. Better tool to use than EFT!

Your weight problems will be solved by achieving balance in your body, mind and lifestyle. This is not done by trying another new diet program, starving yourself, or buying a new low-fat diet. You did. All you have to do is remove your EFT tool bag and type in the harsh, negative, impossible expectations and unreasonable reasons for your food. Balance your body, mind and lifestyle, put your finger on the pulse of your inner life and go about your business leading a thinner life naturally.


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