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Stomach Workout - Burn the Belly Fat and Get the Six Pack Abs

With proper abdominal exercise and diet program, you should have no problem losing your belly fat and exposing your six pack abs.

First you need to focus on your diet. Eat healthy natural foods like lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Eat 5 or 6 balanced meals daily. With each meal get some protein, healthy fats, and fruit or vegetable dishes.

Some great sources of protein are salmon, tuna, chicken, eggs, and milk. Healthy fats are great for burning fat or not. Get plenty of foods in your diet such as natural beans, almonds, eggs, and avocado.

If you find a healthy diet because you are busy with school and work, then prepare your meals first. You really don't need to get snacks every time you go out. Just bring snacks to school or work like bananas and almonds.

For your stomach exercises, you shouldn't do crunches. The basic crunches on the floor are a waste of time. They block your back and neck from time to time. Not to mention they don't target your abdominal.

The exercises you need to do to build your abs are upside down crunches and knee extension. These are just some of the great examples that will target your abs well.

Other exercises that really help burn your belly fat are squats and chest. Compound movements like these are known to build muscle and burn fat throughout the body. You can expect to see results quickly by eating the right foods and doing right abdominal exercises.


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