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How to Lose Weight? - Some Diet, Exercise and Homeopathy Tips for Losing the Extra Flab!

"Losing weight" seems to be the New Year's agenda. Among the 10 people I asked "what is your New Year's resolution, more than 6 people answered that they want to lose weight and get in shape! Well, that's not a bad trend, is it?" Ramp models have their answers .The size of these skirts is becoming more and more popular, and middle-aged moms are working hard to fit their jeans in their twenties. Is that right or do we need to think more?

Let's see-

One thing is certain that having extra flaps on the body is not a healthy sign. Flabs mean fat, not muscle. Therefore, the loss of this flab should be a top priority. The lower the activity level, the more people need to worry about the flab. Yeah! Read the sentence carefully. Scientists today find a great positive relationship between health and activity levels. Regular, low-intensity exercise is a great health opportunity regardless of your weight.

But one should also understand here that the more weight, the lower the level of activity in many cases (due to the inability to move faster) and this contributes to high fat. How to stop this vicious cycle? Can we?

The answer is earnest yes!

If you are lean, thin and healthy in your twenties, you have the right to remain in your mid-forties and beyond. What exactly is wrong? Many women think that giving birth is the cause of their obesity. Many men think that their job is too stressful. But the fact is that despite the birth of children and stressful work, there are men and women who are able to maintain ideal weight and lead a healthy life. So why not us? We can too!

What to do?

  • Removing myths-

(1) We need to follow a strict diet if we want to lose weight- The main prerequisites for balancing your weight and health are not victims of rumors. You definitely see (or do it yourself) a lot of people living in any banana, hot water, soup, or 'just' Vegetables for a day together! This is one of the main myths that eating less will reduce your weight. It won't. It will only weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to invasive diseases. First of all, stop any such staple foods if you follow them. Our bodies need sufficient quantities of all nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and trace elements to overcome fatigue and weariness. Carbohydrates or diets Only protein can help for a long time to lose weight (you tend to lose muscle mass too much during the process and not just fat). But when you give up on this diet, you tend to lose more weight, because obviously you can't follow a diet that is prescribed for life (I hope you don't, otherwise ... hat you!)

(2) Only 2 full meals a day- Many parents are happy because they think we eat twice a day and do not repeat. This is another myth that makes us fat. When you leave a larger gap between your meals, you definitely tend to eat more than you can digest. Therefore, excess sugar and protein tend to be converted into fats and deposits under your skin and in arteries (leading to atherosclerosis)

(3) Eating less fat can reduce weight- Remember that fat is also an important element of diet. Only we need to take it in the quantity set not to exceed the limit. Have seen many patients lose fat completely. What they do get is skin that looks smooth. Fat is a natural moisturizer and toner for your body and therefore important. Just reduce the amount of excess you eat and it will not harm you illegally.

(4) Going to the gym is the only way to lose weight- Well, here we are not underestimating the importance of gym exercise but don't make that rule. There are many ways to exercise where you can stay fit. On the contrary, in many cases, some gym exercises are dangerous for some people. People with joint problems and heart disease should be careful when joining the gym. Moreover, the type of training set for the week and month together reduces interest. Instead, engaging in a variety of exercises makes us motivated to live longer (maybe this is what we need most). You can jog, swim, dance, or dance your way to health!

  • Treatment Regimen for Weight Loss-

(1)Lose your weight homeopathically-

Our homeopathy has always emphasized the importance homeopathic treatment for weight loss. Here I do not advertise any patent homeopathic remedies for weight loss. We're talking about classic homeopathy. Does it help? Yes, it helps in more ways than we expect. The main reason why homeopathic medicines help to lose weight is their ability to think.

"Mind" plays a very important role in maintaining or enhancing your weight. It's the mind that makes you stressed and you tend to eat more or less. It is the mind that makes you tired to start your training regime. It's also a thought that encourages you to take the obesity issue seriously and do something constructive about it.

And homeopathy helps in all aspects of shaping your mind and making it do what it needs to do. It's not too much. It has been seen that patients are very lazy to take up the practice regime as soon as they are in constitutional homeopathy, because of their ability homeopathic medicine to act on a higher plane. The same goes for maintaining an ideal diet.

Homeopathic medicine also helps people to balance the hormone imbalances that contribute to excess weight. Therefore, when patients with hypothyroidism and / or polycystic ovary disease begin treatment for homeopathy, the apparent edema in the body gradually disappears and makes the patient achieve his or her goal.


As discussed above, there is no option to train your health. If someone tells you to follow a regimen that doesn't include weight loss training, they are lying to you! Try to plant variations in your regime to not get bored and feel energized for years to come. Adding these components to your day to day is the most rewarding experience you can give your body, mind and spirit. Couple this with relaxing techniques and your benefits double!

Some tips for losing weight-

  1. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of plain water daily

  2. Has enough fiber, as it will improve bowel health and prevent constipation. Also it is one surefire way to slow down aging

  3. Recognize your physical disabilities and get some extra natural help from a specialist

  4. Eat regular snacks (preferably 2 to 3 hours)

  5. In line with your regimen. To make that happen, set smaller goals and reward yourself when you reach those goals

  6. Some meditation techniques help a lot in stabilizing unhealthy eating habits and provide an important motivation for doing your best.

  7. Run a myth and don't become a victim of heavy advertising for patent diet pills, unless you verify the authenticity through a specialist

May 2011 bring you lots of happiness, health and fitness for your life!


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