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How Chemicals Abuse

In short, addiction is the result of trying to move towards pleasure and away from pain. Also, there is nothing easy about addiction. Eight people with substance abuse issues, opiate addiction and methamphetamine use were interviewed for this story. At their request, their identities have been hidden.

The Addicts' Theory

"Meth or a fast-acting drug is for people with paternal problems," explains one user. "" Drugs make you better, feel stronger and make the wrong person and may be the one your dad wants. "

"Opiates or downers," he continues, "are used when you have problems with your mother because these chemicals mimic the feelings you want from your mother, such as warmth, comfort and peace." Alcohol, a woman explains, "is when there is a spiritual separation from you and the whole world." "You don't like it or not, without first drinking," he said.

Psychiatric Views

Alcoholism, according to the Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung is "at the level, to a lesser extent, our spiritual thirst for perfection, expressed in medieval language: oneness with God." He states that "alcohol in Latin is spiritus" and claims the same word is used for "the highest religious experience and the worst poison." The exit is also a way in: "Spiritus contra Spiritum" which can also be read as 'fighting fire with fire'.

One Doctor's Opinion

In 1934, Dr. William Silkworth, who specializes in the treatment of alcohol, attended an alcoholic patient with the type of "I felt hopeless," he said. "Unless this person (alcoholic with no hope) can experience a 'psychic change' overall, there is little hope for his recovery."

"As soon as the psychic change took place, the same person as he was destined," he added, "suddenly found himself in control of his desire for alcohol." The only effort required is to follow some simple rules.

One Human Solution

Patients treated by Dr. Silkworth in vain was Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. During his last hospitalization, Bill W. had a sudden religious change and permanently freed him from chronic drinking problems that led him to depression. The experience was a genesis for the AA program, a series of 12 steps participants took to create this "total psychic change".

In Use

Drugs and alcohol can initially alter the state of consciousness but eventually alter the body's chemistry. Ultimately, this creates a dependency where one must use increasing amounts just to maintain balance. Some addictions develop gradually to become established before they become clear.

"They sneak up on you," said a former Vicodin addict. "It takes more pills to achieve the same feeling and every time they take it, you fall lower and lower." "At one point, I had to take 30 pills to get out of bed everyday," he admitted. He initially prescribed pain killers after a back surgery and then became dependent on them.

The use of drugs at any time interferes with normal activities that have been abused. This includes problems with family and friends. Psychological dependence develops when your mind tells you that a drug or substance is needed. This is usually followed by the physical dependence that is developed when continuous chemical enhancement is required to achieve the same or "high" feeling. This is known as addiction or chemical dependency. A person's risk is higher if there is a history of chemical dependency in the family.

The process can begin with normal curiosity, following surgery where pain medications are prescribed or routine happy hours with friends. Some materials will quickly correct a specific feeling for a user that may surprise someone with their efficiency. It hurts. Calm replaces anxiety or tension. Euphoria occurs. For some people, 'benefits' it's too much to go the distance.

"Depression, shame, hunger all disappeared after a few drinks," explained one alcoholic. "Then, vodka creates a much bigger problem than what is corrected."

Chemicals do not eradicate negative emotions, they suppress them. To stop suddenly when daily use can be dangerous, even deadly. Once addiction has developed, withdrawal from the drug / alcohol can cause uncomfortable physical symptoms from mild to severe. Shaking hands, increasing heart rate, breathing and temperature are common in some cases. Normal sleep patterns are often interrupted by insomnia.

In more severe cases, withdrawal can result in DT, a delirium trailer, which requires hospitalization. "We meet every year to remember a man who tried to detoxify himself and died from it," explains one former drinker. Resistant to use with advanced addiction can cause seizures, delusions and hallucinations. Vitamin deficiency is almost always associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

The fear of withdrawal is what causes many addicts to continue using. Addiction can only be handled by stopping the use of all chemicals unless it is used for MAT treatment. New medicines are being researched to release harder and healthier medications by using 'help' meds. It forms a bridge to hold back.

In other countries, addiction is often considered a spiritual dilemma. A witch doctor in Kenya is "organizing" a healing ceremony for a tribe member who has traveled beyond the village boundaries and developed addiction. Toxic substances, or medicines, are usually only available in big cities like Nairobi or Mombasa.

For the occasion, mushrooms were used to create a "mystical" situation where the user discovered the root of the problem and also showed the solution. After the addicts went through the ceremony, they were burned on the shoulders to trigger scars. This sign indicates that the person has gone to 'the other party'. and come back with the answers needed to move forward without the need for a "false god" of how medical men describe addictive substances.

Sharks in Peru use illegal plants in the U.S. called Ayahuasca. It translates to "the vine of the soul". It is said to stimulate spiritual cataracts by creating an external experience that results in the elimination of the need for self-esteem.

In China, a plant called Kudzu has been used for centuries to deal with alcohol addiction. It does not discuss the spiritual aspects of the disease but rather is said to minimize desire.

Addiction is not just physical but spiritual illness. It can be overcome. Many have done it. It often takes addicts to understand other addicts. If you're in trouble, ask for help as if your life depends on it. It happen.


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