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Getting Pregnant? Gender Selection Tips to Help You Chose Your Baby's Sex

I have several blogs that support couples in choosing their baby's sexuality. Most of the time, people find me because they think or try to get pregnant and they know, without a doubt, they want one person over another. The reasons for this vary. Sometimes, they may already have a boy and want a girl. Maybe they want a child to carry their surname. Maybe one gender is running in their family and they want to change this trend. Whatever the reason, there are universal tips that will help you choose your baby's sex. This article will discuss this, and will tell you why, and how, it works.

What determines your Baby Sex: There are many old wives' stories that explain why couples have one gender over the other. Whether you believe this or not, the bottom line is, if the sperm with the female chromosome (X) reaches and sponsors your egg first, you will have a daughter. If a boy with a sperm lays eggs, you will have a son.

It's probably the same (around 50/50) for every baby's gender if you don't do anything to change it. This does not mean, however, that you have no control over who ultimately wins the race. There are a few things you can do to influence this. You can control your time, your diet, your acidity, and the way you send sperm to eggs. I'll discuss all of these things in more detail below.

Controlling the Draft Time to Choose Your Baby's Gender: As mentioned earlier, the sperm chromosome is very important, but you should also understand that the X and Y sperm act differently. The girl's chromosome is very strong and will live longer, but the male sperm is faster. Choosing your baby's sexuality requires that you take advantage of this.

There is a "fertility window" in your cycle, which is the day that gives you the best chance to get pregnant. If you want a girl, you need to shoot for the start of this window, which is about three days (or as many as 4) before you get motivated. If you want a boy, shoot for a window, which is a day, or one day after, ovulation.

To tell more of the old wives' stories, there are many ways you are told to measure or predict, your ovulation (basal temperature, rhythm method, cervical mucus), but modern technology works better and is far more accurate. Ovulation predictors, in my experience, work better. Using cervical mucus, I think I am not ovulating and have problems with pregnancy. Once I started using the salivary ovulation predictor, I was happy to be pregnant for two months - as I could see literally when I was getting ready for ovulation.

Sending Sperm To Eggs: Gender Positioning and Selection: Remember that a woman's sperm can live for several days, if you are trying to conceive a baby girl, you should use a sexual position or superficial sex, as this puts the sperm far from where it needs to go. This makes it more difficult for the male sperm. If you want to conceive a boy, use deeper penetration, as you need to give the Y chromosome the shortest, fastest path for a boy.

Getting the Acquaintance of the Right to Get the Gender You Want: Remember that boy's sperm is weak, you may need to reduce or alkaline PH your stomach if you want a boy. The male sperm cannot survive being too acidic. But, if you want a girl, you'll want to increase or exploit your acidity. This is where many people give up, and it frustrates me. This process is not what you think. Get a PH tester at a health food store or online. This will tell you where you started. Then, you can change your diet or douche accordingly until you're in the right range.

The biggest mistake I see people make is using only one technique. Maybe they're really good about their concept time just to leave everything to chance. Or, maybe they used the right sexual position on the wrong day. Or, maybe they just interrupted their acidity all together. To truly believe that you will get the sex you want, you need to address all of these. And, with a little patience and the right tools, this should not be as difficult as you might think, no matter what gender you are in. It is said that if you really handle all the variables, you can increase your chances by more than 90%, which in my experience is worth the effort.


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