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Foods That Increase Semen Volume Fast

Everything you take in affects your body's health. So if your semen is insufficient to drown your wife or at least have pellet ejaculation, then it may be a sign from your body that you need to change your diet. Changing your diet will have a huge impact not only on semen production but on your overall performance as well.

Ready to change your diet for better semen production? Here are some dietary plan changes that help improve semen:

- Eat more high in protein but low in fat. Many animal proteins such as pork, red meat, chicken, or seafood are high in protein. The problem is, this is also high in fat and unwanted fat. If you want to eat foods that are high in protein but low in fat, you should go with germ, full grain, oats, and nuts. Eating this vegetable protein along with your fruit and vegetable diet will definitely increase your semen production. This diet helps your overall health.

On top of that, some foods like papaya, pineapple, and cranberries make sweet semen, which is great for oral sex. Your semen will taste bitter and unwanted if you eat more snacks and drink more beer and other forms of alcoholic beverages.

- No hydration, less diuretics. About 98% of your semen is made up of water. Therefore, if your goal is to increase the amount of semen, you should drink more water.

But drinking more water will be a waste if you continue to consume diuretics or fluids that will cause dehydration such as coffee and alcohol. It's okay to take a diuretic. Just make sure that you compensate for the fluid you lose by drinking more water afterwards.

- Eat higher supplements. One of the most famous libido-enhancers is oysters. Eating more oysters is a great way to increase semen production. Celery is a good stimulus for better semen production as well. These vegetables help to increase your sexual desire too, which helps greatly increase the amount of semen.

Zinc-rich foods are good at increasing semen volume as well. More zinc means more semen.

Having a cement-friendly diet is definitely a useful way to increase your semen production. But doing this will take a lot of courage, patience, and discipline. Over the course of the first month has been successful but you should be on this diet for about a year before you can see the positive and visible results.


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