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Fever - Ayurvedic Management

Ayurveda, a holistic medical system, emphasizes that fever is caused by toxicity in the taste (basic body tissue) and manages the fever by: Fasting (langana), Sudation (swedana), Time-Waiting / Patience (time), Diet (yavagu) ), bitter drugs (bheshajam mats) and Detoxification (ama pachana).

  • Fasting - Strengthens the digestive system and removes the inflammation that subsequently cleanses the body. The strong can fast while the weak can take snacks. Many liquid foods such as vegetable soup or just hot ginger water that reduce bad dosha and increase appetite should be taken.

  • Sweat - One can drink spicy tea that is easy to cause sweat or it can be covered with a blanket so that it is made for sweat as it cleanses toxins, raises the virus and kills body temperature.

  • Light Diet - Once the body reaches normal temperatures, it should take three meals on a balanced / light diet of fresh fruits and raw / light vegetables cooked according to its age.

  • Bitter Ayurvedic Drug - Burns ama, increases the number of white blood cells that help the body fight infections. Commonly used medicines are Dasamoola kaduthryam qwath, Amruthothram qwath, Indukantham qwath, Dhanwantharam qwath, Amrutharishta, Sudarsanasava, Dasmoolarishta, Vettumaran tablets, gorochanadi tablets, gopichandanadi tablets, sooryprabha, rasamoolraam rasamoolraam, rasamoolraam rasamoolamilam, rasasoolamam rasamoolamilam, rasamoolamilamamilamilamamilam. etc

  • After a fever, the patient is advised to undergo Detoxification (Pangakarma light purgative regimen) as it removes the dad's balance and strengthens the digestive system. He then underwent a preventative regime that reduced the chance of relieving fever,

Therefore, management of Ayurvedic fever is done by restoring agni (fire) in the body and promoting proper metabolism. He also suggested yogasanas such as suryasana and matsyasana to be practiced to relieve the aggravated pitta dosha which is the root cause of fever and meditation to help balance the fever in balance and clear the mind.


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