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Discover How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks - My Diet Plan to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks Naturally

Many of my friends always ask me about losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks. And I always tell them that if you are not committed to your weight goals and if you do not have the right fat burning guidelines then you are always looking for answers to these burning questions rather than solving them. I know how difficult it was to lose 20 pounds on my first try because I had gone through the same thing a few months ago.

To lose weight, you need to increase your metabolic rate and then your body will burn your inner fat. But to reach your goal of losing weight in 2 weeks, you need to follow your nutrition and exercise schedule which I will share with you in the following line.

1] Make a diet plan and follow it religiously: This is the safest way to lose 20 pounds in less than 3 weeks. First you need to calculate your daily calorie intake which you can estimate by going to a website called On this site you can find out how much fat, carbohydrates and calories you eat each day.

Once you know how many calories you are consuming daily, it's time to control your calorie intake by increasing your diet and reducing high fat and carbohydrate-rich foods like donuts, candy bars, sodas, and processed carbohydrates. Now start eating only high protein and low calorie salads and green vegetables in each of your meals.

I knew this sound was simple at first but I believe it is actually a very difficult diet to follow. But once you start this diet you will see results in just 2 weeks.

2] Perform weight training and short-term training: Instead of doing dangerous cardio exercises that can cause movement injuries to your body; you can do weight training and short term training. These exercises are based on proven and proven resistance training and help your body improve the metabolism and burn fat which results in losing 20 pounds in less than two weeks without any side effects. Short-term internal training and weight training are all integral parts of the weight loss diet and exercise system.


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